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This is a Mozilla Reps Website Feature. Please do not edit unless you know what you are doing :)

Featured rep


With this functionality an admin should be able to create a new page (information node) that will be a featured rep. This info will be fetched in the Main page.

Solkar (0.1)

For this version an admin would go to a special page (direct link) and be able to enter the name of the Rep (auto-completed by active Reps) alongside a short Featured description. Then by clicking save a new featured rep info_node is created.

The same page has a list of all featured reps and admin can edit or delete those.

Also Main Page should be able to fetch the newest created Featured Rep.

Skon (0.2)

For this version an anonymous user should be able to click on "view all featured reps" in Main page and be transferred in a new page that has all the featured reps listed chronologically. No other special functionality needed.

Also a link should be added to Admin's dashboard to be transferred on the add featured rep page

Sarek (0.3)


The bug associated with this functionality is 722276