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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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This is a Mozilla Reps Website Feature. Please do not edit unless you know what you are doing :)

People page


People page is the directory of Mozilla Reps. Here people (reps included) can find info and listing of all reps around the world.

Solkar (0.1)

For this version People page will have a listing of all reps (minified profile info). To enhance the functionality although all reps will be available in the page there is going to be a filtering field that instantly (and with no page reload) filters reps according to provided keywords.

Listing of Reps can be either a list (table) or an array of "business cards/panels" with their avatars.

Also a map will reflect the locations around the world that reps are (following the filter)

Once user clicks to listing of rep or to location of rep then she is redirected to Rep's profile page.


Remo-people-so-list.png Remo-people-signout.png

Skon (0.2)

Sarek (0.3)


The bug associated with this functionality is 722339