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When proposing larger pieces of new work, especially work with multiple stakeholders and/or which will interact with many different systems, it can be helpful to give a head's up so other interested parties can follow along. Fill out this handy template and post to using the topic `Intent to Implement: <name of project>`:

== Summary ==

What is the project

== Use cases / Motivation ==

Why are we doing this work

== Timeframe ==

e.g. "I expect to work on this Q1 and be finished by EoQ"

== Tracking progress ==

bugzilla or gh issue tracker link, or link to web/wiki page for larger projects

== Additional Details (optional) ==

Anything else about the proposed work that you think would be of
interest to others at this stage. This may include:

* Unresolved questions
* Design notes
* Protocol / configuration specifications
* Consideration of alternative proposals