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What is Buildduty?

Buildduty is a team dedicated to helping out developers with Firefox continuous integration infra issues. We currently have six people based in Romania that provide 24/7 support. Buildduty complement the sheriffing team where sheriffs respond to Firefox code regressions, Buildduty respond to the infrastructure that builds and tests Firefox code.


The buildduty manifesto describes the team responsibilities in a nutshell.


Name Profile Social Blog
Jordan Lund jlund github blog
Zsolt Fay zfay github N/A
Radu Iman riman github N/A
Bogdan Crisan bcrisan github N/A
Danut Labici dlabici github N/A
Roland Mutter rmutter github N/A

Buildduty priorities

The buildduty actionable enumerates their daily/weekly sanity job.


There is a long list of other, less-frequent duties that buildduty can assist with.


There's a wiki page that aggregates useful info related to the tasks Buildduty is taking care of (as of December 2017).

Useful Links

Meeting Notes