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Want to learn about what's happening in Mozilla Release Engineering? Check out our blogs:

Rail Aliiev Rail's blog

Joey Armstrong adirondackfirefly, twitter: none

Chris Atlee chris' random ramblings: programming, photography, media, and anything else that strikes my fancy

Lukas Blakk Lukas Blakk

Chris Cooper Five Different Types of Fried Cheese twitter:@ccooper

Ben Hearsum Ben's blog

John Hopkins Johnny's Build Wall twitter: none

Kim Moir Releng of the Nerds twitter:@kmoir

Pete Moore Collected thoughts

John O'Duinn John O'Duinn's blog twitter:@joduinn

Aki Sasaki escape(window): blog twitter:escapewindow

Mike Shal: Mike Shal's blog

Nick Thomas F'tang F'tang Release wrangling at the bottom of the world

Hal Wine: I am the blog of Hal Fire, and I bring you……interesting tidbits of release engineering twitter:hwine

Armen Zambrano Gasparnian: Armen Zambrano's battlefield

Justin Wood (Callek): "Callek's Blog"

Massimo Gervasini: twitter:@gerva

Jordan Lund: [1]

We are also aggregated on planet Mozilla