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Meeting Details

  • 12:00 pm PDT, every second Monday
  • Mozilla HQ, 650 Castro Street, Mountain View, unknown conf room
  • +1 650 903 0800, x92 or +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 294
  • #build on


  • nightly repo download count




  • bug 525257 - need a proper mobile release factory: work has been started by Aki
    • what to do with shipped-locales/l10n-changesets/maemo-locales
      • json? maemo/maemo-multi as a new platform?
      • wince is a problem currently
      • redo the file format?
    • prefer to get rid of that multi-repo landing everywhere scenario


  • [aki] bug 525257 - Need 1.9.2 maemo release builds
    • branching and tagging makes sense to follow the SeaMonkey and Thunderbird model
  • [one more test run][armenzg] bug 527989 - Add repack-on-change builders for Maemo L10n and Fennec Desktop L10n
    • [axel] bug 525674 - Fennec repacks on change busted due that they are trying to load incorrect all-locales (in reality there is no repacks-on-change for Fennec) PATCH IN HAND - waiting on blocker bug
  • [armenzg - future] bug 525327 - separate multi-locale build into two builders
    • [coop] bug 526154 - Create multi-locale builds for desktop fennec on linux
      • no sense doing this until the builders are split. We'll just have to fix it afterwards.
    • [NEW] [Investigate] bug 531869 - Maemo 1.9.2/m-c nightly builds are turning red with locale errors
      • splitting the multi-locale build out will fix this
    • [TBD] bug 525301 - we should be able to trigger multi-locale fennec nightly build through waterfall
      • splitting the multi-locale build out will fix this
  • [blocked] [armenzg] bug 523856 - localized builds on WinCE
  • [armenzg - future - free to take] bug 524519 - use instead of MozillaStage for mobile factories
  • [armenzg - future - free to take] bug 527928 - Allow uploading directories to stage for ReleaseToLatest scenario
  • [TBD] bug 531156 - Maemo single-locale binaries should be uploaded only to its locale specific directory (rather than just the deb file)
  • [blocked] [aki] bug 507024 - enable winmo nightly updates
  • [NEW] [Fennec General bug] bug 531498 - Fennec Desktop L10n builds for Mac are not localized


  • [aki] bug 531873 - maemo multi-locale factory adds more steps to itself every time
  • [armenzg] bug 531695 - Update try server factory for recent multi-locale maemo changes
  • [armenzg] bug 530753 - Try server WinMo builds broken in 'copy globs to upload directory'
  • [vivien] bug 525811 - Multi-locale build does not switch between locales
  • [coop] bug 524820 - to remove check out dirs under scratchbox FIXED
  • [axel] bug 490482 - create deb packages for individual locales
  • [coop] bug 524010 - Maemo repackages of individual locales should be done in a meaningful location
  • [coop] bug 501794 - Fennec desktop win32/osx
  • [armenzg] bug 529140 upload en-US single-locale Maemo binaries (debs included) under "en-US" sub-directory<strike>
  • <strike>[aki] bug 469290 - Provide updates for nightly and release builds of Fennec on linux mobile
    • setup chinook repo(s) for localized debs
    • some experiment could already happen [1]
    • we need to have localized debs first
    • who will be on the hook for this? IT? mobile?
  • [aki] bug 527076 - add deb repacks to MaemoNightlyRepackFactory
    • depends on bug 527928 - not really; passed -r through packageGlob
    • this bug requires downloading the single-en-US Fennec deb (we currently overwrite it with the multi-locale one) We have fixed this since we upload to "en-US" sub-directory