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Meeting Details

  • 12:00 pm PDT, every second Monday
  • Mozilla HQ, 650 Castro Street, Mountain View, unknown conf room
  • +1 650 903 0800, x92 or +1 800 707 2533, pin 369 - conf 294
  • #build on


  • Armen reports progress on two bugs:
    1. bug 501794: fennec l10n nightly repacks. Windows requires a patch marked a1.9.2 (granted by ted shortly after the call), Mac requires an afternoon of work by Armen.
    2. bug 519684: multi-locale builds for fennec on maemo for nightlies and release. Armen is unblocked here now and making progress.


  • Axel landed the chrome targets, effectively unblocking Armen (see above).
  • need the definitive locale selection list for the devices. Stuart is tracking this down.


  • mfinkle represented mobile today
  • gavin is working at getting strings for search/bookmarks into a locale jar
  • first tests or Armen's multi-locale approach went OK
  • need review on matchOS patch


  • should we be creating multi-locale desktop builds?
    • Yes for linux, maybe Windows after that. ⇐ NEEDS BUG FILED
  • able to drop any locale- or en-US-only builds due to multi-locale packs?
    • don't need en-US-only for nightlies/release, but probably best to *not* do the full multi-locale packaging step for every check-in/changeset during the day.
    • still unknown which locales will be in each(will there be more than 1?) multi-locale pack, and how we need to package the other locales that aren't included in the multi-pack: debs, xpis, ...