Release Management/2014 Q1 Work Week

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Dates & Location

  • January 27-31, 2014
  • San Francisco Office - Primarily in SFO 104 'Espresso'


  • Local: Lukas, Preeti, Bhavana, Willie, Sheila
  • Sylvestre coming from Paris (Leaves on the 30th for FOSDEM)


  • Day 1 pie in the sky (our lives better, users lives better, what is quality? pushing out perceived improvements)
  • Day 2 get deeper -- supporting features hitting, with quality
  • Day 3-5 code, document, process


Please list topics of interest for discussion here and then we can populate the schedule from this:

  • Dream big
  • Platform for release sanity checking -- dashboard, are we ready? alert system, comparing release over release,
  • Code, document, process change
  • "If we could"
  • dashboard(s)
  • What could we learn from other release processes?
  • L10n session (future of)
  • Coupled Train Model
  • Daily Betas, what's next what's left
  • Define Responsibilities as a B2G Release Owner
  • Release note revamp
  • Aurora revamp - new name, new audience, new purpose, new process
  • Working with Marketing/PR to stop using version numbers in public-facing press
  • Engagement on nightly -- we can help shape it, help set the bar & get preffable
  • How do we get into developers minds early and get them to work with us early
  • communications (over-communicating, sending out status, risks, bugs that need escalation)
  • having a consistent presentation from Relman, even though we split out B2G & Desktop/Mobile
  • what are the overlapping parts of these focuses and what is not shared?
  • what should and shouldn't be shared between two teams?
  • high level breakout of 2014 quarterly goals
  • break out of expectations for each team we interact with (esp. useful for new hires)
  • ...what else?
  • Engage with B2G partners to ensure quality
  • Predictability in release content
  • Engaging global teams
  • Successful dogfooding
  • Update rolodex, make a list of commonly NI? people (outside of module owners)


We have the Espresso room booked each day, we will attend minimal other meetings so we can spend the most time together, we will have lunch brought in most days but will go out for at least one lunch and also have a group dinner on one of the nights (probably Monday, maybe informally on other nights)

Monday January 27

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
8:00 my, my, it's early; emails & personal work
11:00 MoCo/Mofo meetings
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Catered at the office
13:00 - 16:00 2013 review - what's working what's not? All
17:00 B2G call & personal time for others not on call
18:30 Dinner at Sinbad's Pier II Restaurant on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Tuesday January 28 (aka Lukas' Birthday)

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
9:00 Sync-up with Lawrence and Marco ALL
10:00 Channel Meeting
11:00 Platform meeting
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 Defining B2G Release Owner Responsibilities [Notes] Preeti/Bhavana
14:00 Community Release Managers - Ramping up participation, clarifying roles [Notes] Lukas
15:00 Dream Big 2014 - What could we have by year's end? Lukas
16:00 Update the Rolodex & Make Chart of Common NI? [Done, in a shared Google Doc] All

Wednesday January 29

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
11:00 Planning Meeting
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 Successful Pilot Program (formerly known as dogfooding) [Notes] Preeti
14:00 B2G Focus Areas for 2014 [Notes] Preeti/Bhavana
15:00 Desktop & Mobile Focus Areas for 2014 [Notes] Lukas
16:00 Coupled Trains & Daily Betas - what's left? [Notes] Lukas

Thursday January 30

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
9:00 Shared/Separate B2G/Firefox D&M
10:00 Communications (over-communicating, sending out status, risks, bugs that need escalation)
11:45 Lunch Slanted Door (for 5 people)
14:00 Channel Meeting
15:00 - on Dashboard/Tools/Communications Hack Time

Friday January 31

Time Topic Leader/Presenter
9:00 Team Engagment
10:00 Triage
11:00 Write a Blog Post, Topic Suggested: Your Goal(s) for 2014 ALL
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch Brendan's Org Lunch on 7th floor
13:00 - 17:00 Dashboard/Tools/RelMan HouseCleaning Hack Time ALL

Group Dinner & After-hours Activities

Dinner at Sinbad's Pier II Restaurant on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 6:30 PM