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Uplift Requests

See the uplift rules Wiki page for more information on uplifts.

Locating Uplift Requests

Uplift requests are submitted by developers as Phabricator revisions in a similar fashion to regular revisions that ride the release trains. Approving uplift requests is also done in the same way as a regular Phabricator review request. Uplift requests can be located:

  • On the #release-managers dashboard.
  • From the email sent to all members of #release-managers when the request is submitted.
  • As a #release-managers review request on the Phabricator home page.

Approving Uplift Requests

  1. Navigate to the URL of the uplift request in Phabricator.
  2. Approve each revision in the stack in the same fashion as a standard review request. Navigate to the bottom of the page and select "Add action" and then "Accept Revision", the click "Submit" in the bottom right corner. At least one revision in the stack will include an uplift request form viewable at the top of the revision. The contents of this form as also posted on the associated bug.
  3. Once each revision in the stack is approved, use the “View stack in Lando” button on the right hand side of the Phabricator revision to go to Lando. On the landing page for the stack, you can click "Login with Auth0" in the top right to log in to Lando using Mozilla SSO. For secure uplift revisions, you may need to add your Phabricator API token.
  4. Click “preview landing” and confirm the landing is going to the correct repository, and then confirm landing. The landing will complete a few minutes after being submitted. If the landing fails or Lando fails to perform post-landing bug updates, a failure email will be sent.

Uplift Automation

The uplift request and approval process includes automation of various tasks, including the following:

Lando Pre-Landing Enforcement

Before landing a patch, Lando will ensure:

  • Lando will reject patches without #release-managers approval.
  • Lando will reject stack landings when no revision in the stack includes a completed uplift request form.

Uplift Request Form Submission Automation

When an uplift request form is submitted on a stack of patches, phab-bot will:

  • Ensure the content of the uplift request form is commented on the bug.
  • Request #release-managers review on the entire stack of patches.
  • If the developer indicates manual QE testing is required, the qe-verify Bugzilla flag will be set to + on the bug.

Uplift Patch Landing Automation

When an uplift patch lands via Lando:

  • The status_firefoxXXX flag is set to fixed.
  • The [checkin-needed-<repo>] tag is removed from the bug's whiteboard.

Adding new uplift automation

More automation can be added at any step in this workflow. Please file a bug under Conduit :: General and it will be triaged in the correct component.