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Warning: The content of this page is obsolete and kept for archiving purposes of past processes.

About Aurora

Goal: Aurora is a channel between the nightly builds from mozilla-central and beta versions from mozilla-beta; as such its status is roughly "experimental". It is marketed as "Developer Edition". This page describes the various steps done by the release team during this cycle.

The current aurora will be Firefox 54.

The Aurora repo:

More info about the Aurora:

What should land on mozilla-aurora: See the Uplift rules

The associated flags:

approval-mozilla-aurora: ?, +, -

tracking-firefox54: ?, +, -

status-firefox54: ?, unaffected, wontfix, affected, checkin-pending, fixed, verified

Aurora Triage Queries

Please note that the tracking flags follow the release, meaning that once aurora is merged to beta, the tracking and status flags remain during the beta cycle.

Aurora Timeline and Activities

Mid-nightly (after the dawn project, for 55)

  • Make sure we have the copy for any whatsnew pages in the localization team's hands. Talk with ryan pollock, jdouglas, :Pike and :flod. Make sure there's a bug for whatsnew work, and track it.
  • We need aurora mobile what's new points (usually 2 or 3 new features or fixes). This should go to Delphine for the localizers to work on before the beta release, halfway through the cycle or before, so that there is time for l10n.

A few days before the merge day

  • Write the release notes
  • Ask for review of the release notes

Merge day

  • Check with releng to disable aurora updates. This used to happen automatically but as of 2016 we should check on #releaseduty
  • Start to move uplift requests and tracking requests to beta. This may get a little tricky, just make sure to note when the merge happened and when particular patches/uplifts landed on which channel.

Aurora update day

  • Once QA has signed off the release (usually later in release week, on Friday) send the aurora update email to release-drivers
  • Mark release notes as public
  • Check back in 10 or 20 minutes or so to make sure the download page for aurora is pointing to the correct version. if there are problems please ask for help on #www and you may need to file a bug


Review aurora queries

  • for potential uplifts
  • to review uplift requests
  • for potential tracking request
  • to follow up on approved uplifts that have not landed
  • Keep track of the tracked bugs without assigned developers
  • Check in with perf team to evaluate and resolve perf regressions and slope creep issues (during Tues channel meeting)

Week 4

  • Keep track of the tracked bugs without fix

Merge day


Sample E-mails

Enable aurora updates

Subject: Please enable Aurora updates

Now that we've received QA sign off on both Desktop and Mobile FF{{AURORA_VERSION}}.0a2 builds, please go ahead with enabling updates.

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