Release Management/Goals/2013Q1

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New Products & Initiatives

  • [DONE] [akeybl/lsblakk] B2G: Implement the ongoing B2G Release Process (source/issue management, builds, updates, release notes, etc.)
  • [DONE] [bajaj] Metro: Aid in the coordination of Metro builds (beta/release, as necessary)
    • Helped co-ordinate with Test infrastructure set-up which is completed now and we have the needed hardware set-up
    • Continued efforts to make sure we have the needed tests in place for Metro
    • QA to start adding mozmill tests soon
    • Ongoing discussion with Metro team to sync Firefox metro iteration's with our Release cycle . Tracked here
  • [DONE] [KaiRo/bajaj] Stability: Coordinate the changes necessary to make longstanding stability issues actionable
  • [DONE] [akeybl/lsblakk] Firefox: Coordinate work towards Daily Betas in RelEng/QA/A-Team
    • QA is now able to turn around a beta in 1-2 days, and RelEng has given us access to their ship-it build app to directly request builds

Documentation & Communication

  • [ON TRACK] Put together new calendaring that separates meetings from events, and consider separating even more so based upon audience (for instance bug 816415)
  • [DONE] [lsblakk] Document the process of bringing up a new release manager
  • [DONE] [akeybl] Come up with the process and tooling necessary to prevent release note mishaps (BZ, etc.)
  • [ON TRACK] [bajaj] Identify and combat any egr. misunderstandings around timelines, tracked bugs, landing, etc.


  • [DONE] [lsblakk/akeybl] Automate the sending of frequent tracking/landing nags to bug assignees
  • [ON TRACK] [lsblakk] Add nagging for those bugs with needinfo? that are important for a release (day-to-day)
  • [ON TRACK] Automate the export of channel meeting notes from etherpad to the wiki, and the clearing of the etherpad
  • [DONE] [akeybl] Work to automate merge days


Team Focuses

  • [ON TRACK] Use Asana for tracking non-bug work and coordination