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Release Management Q2 2014 Goals

Release Management General

Firefox Desktop/Mobile

  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] Release 29 without too much damages
  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] Document most of our workflows / processes
  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] Communication on the releases
  • [DONE] [Lawrence+Sylvestre] Push on QA tools: code coverage, tools to improve code quality like static analyzers
  • [ON TRACK] [Benjamin] Build a better team wiki landing page
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Get stakeholders to an actual decision made for adapting our channels/branching/merging strategy that gives more time on beta, improves quality via more user feedback collected prior to release, and results in only two gecko versions (win for FFOS) it also moves Aurora to an out-of-the-way place in preparation for revamping later this year (Q4) as a web developer branch (and l10n) - investigated and closed the need to continue this line of thinking, we're going to do other things to improve releases within the current 6/6/6 method
  • [DONE] [Lukas] set up and maintain production (paas) deployments of Release Readiness Dash
  • [MISSED] [Lukas] Release Mgmt Triage Dashboard - porting to Django & getting on paas (using Native Bugzilla REST API) -- this is a win, but might be over two quarters - moved to becoming part of the release readiness dash
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Training Sylvestre & Lawrence up to being able to take on a release at any point in a version's cycle
    • Docs
    • Contacts
    • Scheduling
    • Tracking 'rules' and exceptions

Firefox OS

  • [Preeti] Successfully run Phase 1 of dogfooding
  • [Preeti] Investigate reducing regressions in FxOS
  • [Preeti] Establish a change council for FxOS
  • [DONE] [Bhavana] Work closely with QA and Improve Quality metrics for FxOS (some thoughts below)
    • step 1 : Identify existing QA testcases ans ensure 1.3 IOT bugs were included ?
      • Have identified the needed bugs here and conversations with QA have started
      • Worked with QA to include 1.3 IOT testcases
    • step 2 : I envision a QA dashboard view with a plot which entails total testcases/time per week
      • testcases = regressions+ new feature coverage
  • [DONE] [Bhavana] Automation coverage
    • Have a kick-off session with :jgriffin scheduled for 3/27
      • WIP on the recent gaia tree closures
      • have definitive actions in the short term
      • Long term, helping and gathering requirements for gaia-inbound
      • As of this quarter we had gaia try set-up for B2G patches
    • I hope to have a good understanding of how much code-coverage we have with the automated tests, what's lacking, identify areas which could be improved upon
  • [DONE] [Bhavana] Drive the necessity of having a good bisection tool
    • Often times, we've had situations in FxOS where we cannot pin-point to a bug to identify a fallout
    • Not sure, if the existing tools need to be improved or what the core issue is here
  • [INVALID] [Bhavana] Help drive Flame updates/builds
    • Already having conversations with :francis/:catlee
    • Given the limitation that Mozilla can own the entire stack, the updates would be controlled by T2M, but will have this goal in the back-pocket for future.
  • [ON TRACK] [Bhavana] Continue to help on documentation of workflows processes for FxOS
    • Guidelines on patch approval/landing process - coming soon!!
    • Release notes - Preeti can you help here ? Lets have a wiki up and link it to the main Release Management page
    • [DONE] Merge days documentation - Document the necessary bug creation, email templates for announcements, reminder email on a couple of things etc
  • [DONE] [Bhavana] Actively continue to participate in bugbashes for FxOS and emphasis on pro-active not reactive, dogfooding
    • Should be measurable by # of bugs filed
    • Participates in 3 bug bashes since we wrote the goals, won prizes in two bug bashes.
  • [ON TRACK] [Bhavana] help localize HIndi strings for FxOS
  • [INVALID] [Bhavana] nag tool hacking
    • Did a little bit of hacking already, thanks to Willie for one of pull requests. Now we can directly nag the owners from andreas's dashboard..
    • Next step, plan to integrate it with persona for better authentication
      • Given the persona limitation on passwords access which the tools need, was unable to integrate it

Special Projects

  • [DONE] [Lukas] Ascend Project: have participant selection created & underway as well as outlining the 6 week curriculum to a point where it's ready for input & improvements from advisory group
  • [DONE] [Willie]/[intern] Release Readiness Dashboard: Have the dashboard eventually adopted into being helpful towards the release management team's operations.
    • Willie got this project started and it has now been picked up by new intern Pranav.

Personal Development

  • [ON TRACK] Bhavana] - Continue to develop Spanish learning beyond a couple of words I've learnt so far :)
    • Currently progressed upto Level 4
  • [MISSED] [Lawrence] Continue French lessons with DuoLingo, achieve level 10 (currently level 7)
    • Made it to level 8.
  • [DONE] [Lukas] - achieve over 80% mastery of at least 5 songs on Rocksmith 2014 (guitar playing game with real guitar)
    • 79.2% -> 91.2% on Everlong
    • 79.0% -> 88.0% on My Name is Jonas
    • 56% -> 83.1% on Say It Ain't So
    • 68% -> 80.9% on Reptilia
    • 72% -> 84.3% on Jeremy
  • [Preeti] - blog to get involved with the community. Hope to get a community release manager for B2G
  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] - Continue to go by bike to work
  • [Benjamin] - finish reading Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love