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Release Management Q3 2014 Goals

<platform> denotes goals that are listed on the platform Q3 goals list

Release Management General

Release Quality - Improve automation / reduce risk of manual errors
  • [Sylvestre] Automate manual portions of ship-it
    • [DONE] build submission emails
    • [DEFER] pull in recent changesets from tbpl/treeherder (bug 1040759)
      • Stalled: the tbpl feature is not complete enough
    • [DEFER] create new l10n milestone and pull in l10n changesets from dashboard (bug 1035458)
      • Stalled: needs some changes on l10n which didn't happen yet
    • [DONE] auto populate branch (tied to version) (bug 1048290)
    • [DEFER] auto populate partials (bug 1049689)
      • Stalled: Waiting for some new features from releng to land to know which partial shipped and which didn't
    • [DONE] determine if dashboard check is useful (bug 1055524)
  • [ON TRACK] [Sylvestre] Fully automate Product-Details (bug 1053814)
Release Quality - Find issues earlier
  • [Pranav] Release Readiness Dashboard
    • [MISSED] Get dashboard into a state where the team can use it on a daily basis
    • [DONE] Complete implementation of Talos, Telemetry, and Socorro data sources
    • [DONE] Create initial views and indexes for performance and stability
  • [Lawrence] Add new repository hooks
    • [MISSED] Create checkIID hook to catch required IIDL bumps
    • [DONE] Create string freeze hook to catch string changes on Aurora and Beta (bug 859358)
      • With thanks to flod
    • [DROPPED] Investigate RIL hook to catch RIL changes on Aurora and later
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Create relman blog (bug 1029160)
  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] Feed the relman blog with the changelogs
  • [DEFER] [Lawrence] <platform> Create Release Notes proposal for a revamped template including formatting, new categories, optional image/video, and handling of point releases
    • This improves public perception of the product and also helps our enterprise sysadmins have the info they need to keep using Firefox in large deployments
  • Continue to refine team wiki
Expand contributor involvement
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Investigate requirements for new contributors (NDA, sec access)
  • [DEFER] [?] Define contributor pathways
    • Triage of Desktop, Mobile, B2G, Platform, Services (?) bugs
    • Didn't have an owner this quarter. Will review use of including this in a later quarter.
  • [Ben] Create onboarding documentation for new contributors on wiki including week-by-week breakdown

Firefox Desktop/Mobile

  • [DONE] [Lukas] <platform> Continuing ESR
  • [DONE] [Lukas] <platform> Throttling improvements - continue to collect data for FF31, then implement updated SOP
    • This will get a faster uptake on new features in product release - great for press/marketing efforts to get more Mozillians
    • Update SOP is enable updates for 24 hours at 25%, enable updates for all after 7 days if no significant issues found.
  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] Determine whether we can make release-drivers archive public
    • Will not make archives public in the short term. Identified other ways to improve this list that will be tackled in Q4.
  • [DONE] [Lawrence] <platform> Create and document process for feature fast tracking
    • Increased user delight, at a more rapid pace, when there are exciting features that could benefit from a specific date/timed release in conjunction with marketing/pr

Firefox OS

  • [DONE] [all] Participate in B2G test days
  • [DONE] [Bhavana, Lawrence] <platform> Create B2G release model proposals and gather feedback for potential changes in 2.2 cycle
    • Proposals reviewed and new release model being tried with 2.2 release
  • [MISSED] [Bhavana] <platform> Figure out what to do with B2G Security Releases

Special Projects

  • [Bhavana] Get l10n strings changes going-in for Hindi
  • [Bhavana] Take some initiative related to community events, MoZRep involvement
    • Signed up to be a mentor for TechWomen 2014 (Will know by July end if that works out)
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Ascend Project
    • develop curriculum
    • select participants for first pilot
    • launch first pilot
  • [Sylvestre] Testing
    • Get test suite to green by separating oranges and creating a strategy to determine if a reported orange failure is a real failure
    • Incorporate C++ coverage report in builds bug 890116
    • Incorporate static analyzer in builds and report on diffs
    • Better tests
    • Coding style
    • Improve documentation/usability of the various tests bug 1050715, bug 1051987, bug 1051508
    • Status: various changes are happening in parallel, for example: Structured Logging
  • [DONE] [Lawrence] Determine next steps for Manager Hacking program
    • Manager Hacking is on hold as people team is development manager education that should replace this program.

Personal Development

  • [Bhavana]
  • [MISSED] [Lawrence] Continue French lessons with DuoLingo, achieve level 10 (currently level 8)
  • [DONE] [Lukas] Reading as many books (in their entirety) as possible on this vacation (previous vacation reached 8) - Totally read at least 12 books this time!
  • [DONE] [Sylvestre] Release a baby!
  • [Benjamin] Kick Off Reading Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams, Third Edition