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Warning: The content of this page is obsolete and kept for archiving purposes of past processes.

Publishing Fennec

  • These instructions assume you're going to upload the android armv7, and android-x86 multi apks.
  • Use a checkout as some steps are automated. Be sure to use the latest update.
  • Download all three multi apks (script):
./mozapkpublisher/ $version_number # eg: 22.0b5; use --help for more (exemple: -b for build #)

Play Store

python mozapkpublisher/ --version $VERSION --build $BUILD
python mozapkpublisher/ --package-name org.mozilla.firefox --service-account --credentials foo.p12 --apk-x86=apk-download/fennec-$ --apk-armv7-v15=apk-download/fennec-$ --track rollout --rollout-percentage 10

Yandex Store

Final release builds should be uploaded to Yandex. Betas do not need to be uploaded to Yandex.

  • Download the armv7 (these are the apk files labeled arm9 and arm11) & i386 multilocale APKs from FTP.
  • Login to the Yandex console through
  • Click on "Firefox Browser for Android"
  • Click on "Upload build", and choose one of the APKs you downloaded from FTP. The build should appear in the "Active builds" section. Repeat for the other apk. (see troubleshooting if upload doesn't work)
  • Deactivate the old builds
  • Click "Apply"

The application will now be awaiting Yandex moderation but will be automatically live once it passes that step.


Sometimes the upload fails at 99% with "unknown error" and all we know is that waiting and trying again the next day (or the next, etc) it might work. E.g. the 35.0 release was able to upload on the day after release without issue. So it's their site's problem and since we don't have a ton of users there, the delay is not a blocker. Just make a note to yourself to go try again the next day.