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Warning: The content of this page is obsolete and kept for archiving purposes of past processes.

Draft for the Release Management Survey.

Log Into SurveyGizmo

The login details for SurveyGizmo were sent to the members of the Release Management Team. The entire team shares an account. To request the password to make changes to the release survey, please email the RelMan mailing list.

Log Into SurveyGizmo Here

View/Edit Existing Survey on SurveyGizmo

To prepare for a new survey for a designated release, look for the RelMan Surveys folder under 'Your Projects' when logged in. When you click on the RelMan Surveys folder, you should be able to see all of the surveys. Currently, this contains Firefox 40 Release Survey. To edit the survey, hit the 'Build' link in the survey toolbar. You will be able to modify questions by clicking on them, and adding new skip logic/and or modifying question texts and format.

Test the Survey

Click on the 'Test' tab, and then hit the button that says 'Invite Others to Test'. Enter peoples' email addresses that you wish to send the survey to. It is a good idea to involve individuals from User Advocacy and Accessibility in reviewing the survey.

Release Survey Kickoff

So, the release is here and you're ready to share the survey! Click on the 'Share' tab and send the link to people that you want to share the survey with. Historically, this has included:

  • You can send the link to the survey to the following in a template that looks as follows:
Welcome to the Firefox Release Survey! This survey is anonymous, shouldn't take  more than 5 minutes, and will help us understand:

1. What obstacles exist within the release for each team
2. How effective Release Management is in working with a variety of teams
3. The release's effect on teams' morale

Please complete this survey by [Month] [Day]th. Not every developer or tester can attend the postmortem, so your feedback is appreciated! We'll send out the results.

If you have any feedback on the survey itself, please send to We thank you for your time and help with making our releases better!

Results and Sharing

  • After a set amount of time (1 week is a good time for survey completion), you can view the results in the 'Results' tab on SurveyGizmo. You will be able to view individual results as well as compile results into reports.
  • Post the raw results into this etherpad:
  • Prepare a summary of the results to share at the postmortem. Be sure to include a link to the raw results during the postmortem.

Get Involved

If you are someone (employee or community member) who loves data analysis and making things better at Mozilla, here are some awesome ideas of how this survey can be improved:

  • The survey results should be put into a dashboard, and trends over time should be displayed through graphs.
  • As we get more results, the surveys will have more meaningful data and trends. It is important to make actual changes based on this data. Short meetings to discuss results on a per-team basis could be very useful.