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Releases Notes 2.0

Project Description

Redesign release notes in modern style including elements such as images and videos, better separation of content, and calls to action for sharing items from the notes, updating, and exploring developer notes.


  • Increased engagement from release notes audience
  • CTA to install / update to latest release
  • CTA to share information about latest release
  • Improved content for press to use when publishing information about releases

Required Changes


  • add an image or video with a note
  • add short version of note (for publication on Google Play)
  • new tags/categories management
  • add support for linking point releases with master release (may be required)
  • ability to localize notes (may not actually reside in nucleus) and notify localizers of changes to the notes (bug 722914)


Updated UX/UI design including:

  • new structure for tags/categories
  • inclusion of point release / chemspill notes on same page
  • incorporate optional image or video per note
  • more central placement of / easier to discover link to developer release notes
  • Easy switch between versions (ex: 29, 30, etc), channels (aurora, beta, release), and platforms (desktop, mobile)
  • Social sharing of notes
  • inclusion of new contributor information
  • ability to toggle between localized notes (bug 722914)


  • Direct access from Firefox to the release notes

Related Future Work / Backlog

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