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Release Rapid Response Team - Firefox

This is the coordination page for the the new & experimental Firefox Release Rapid Response Team.

The team will be watching for feedback from all over and reports of "possible" or "emerging" issues will be aggregated here as soon as they're discovered. As issues get confirmed, they'll be turned into bugs and passed on to the Release Drivers team and nominated for fixing in the next dot release. Those confirmed issues will also be "written up" for deployment by Support, blog commenters, firefox_answers, etc.



Update Mechanism

Broken Features

Data Migration or Loss

Sites not working

  • Also affects 3.0.4 so it may not be us: Gmail/AOL mail/hotmail are not loading in Standard view, only basic HTML view or other weirdness. May be related to McAfee Site Advisor extension. Adding https: to the front of the URL will fix it for gmail (not sure about others.) See: bug 464796, forum post and forum post, bug 464826 12:45, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

General, Unknown, or Other