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Release Rapid Response Team - Firefox -> Firefox 3.0.1 Major Update

This is the coordination page for the first attempt by the new & experimental Firefox Release Rapid Response Team.

The team will be watching for feedback from all over and reports of "possible" or "emerging" issues will be aggregated here as soon as they're discovered. As issues get confirmed, they'll be turned into bugs and passed on to the Release Drivers team and nominated for fixing in the next dot release. Those confirmed issues will also be "written up" for deployment by Support, blog commenters, etc.


Crashing or hanging on Exit seems to be more common after updating from 2 to 3. No specific solution identified. Some might be add-on related. See Firefox Support article: Firefox Hangs - Hang on exit

Google Desktop seems to be a major crasher for updated to Firefox 3 users. -- Known Bug, need to find bug # (bug 401513)


??Add-ons with available updates not being updated at initial migration??

Delicious for Firefox breaks the URL bar completely for many. Solution, set Delicious to Classic Mode or disable. Temporary workaround, restart Firefox. New version of extension may be available that may fix this: [[1]] Hopefully that gets on the main a.m.o. site.

Skype extension breaks Google Maps and other websites. Solution, disable or uninstall.

Flash failing. Solution, disable and re-enable in Tools->Add-ons->Plug-ins, or update to Flash Player 10 RC (but RC gets rejected by some sites)

Old Firebug doesn't work at all in Firefox 3. The newest version is 1.2.0 and does work with Firefox 3. Available at AMO

No style sheets loading or images not loading seems to be from Web Developer extension but not 100% on this.

Yahoo Toolbar compatibility might be an issue'

Update Mechanism

The UI on the initial major update offer might not be as polished as we would want. There is a small dialog window with a wordmark, logo, three bullet points and a link to more information about the update. In some cases, such as when the user has incompatible addons, or with certain locales, a vertical scroll bar could appear. This is less than ideal, and we may get feedback about it. -juanb

Crash on startup immediately after upgrade may be bug 427715 - TOPCRASH - "nsCryptoHash apparently being called while NSS is in shutdown state [@ NSSRWLock_LockRead_Util]"

Broken Features

Data Migration or Loss

Cookies/Logins not saving. cookies.sqlite getting corrupted for some set of users. Solution, delete cookies.sqlite from profile.

Bookmarks from the last n months gone. If user previously used a Firefox 3 pre-release and went back to Firefox 2 and accumulated more bookmarks, when she goes to Firefox 3, it reads her Bookmarks from the new format created back when she tried the Firefox 3 beta or other pre-release. Solution, remove that places.sqlite file, back-ups, and signons3 (documented here )

Sites not working

Ad-Block Plus breaks the new Facebook. Workaround is to disable Adblock Plus or white-list

Google Calendar and Reader seem to require a cache clear for newly updated Firefox 3 users. Not sure why or even 100% sure but that's been reported several times right after 3.0 shipped.

Norton 360 (Tomcat)

It seems that Norton 360 locks sqlite files and as example for places.sqlite: "The result is: 1) errors in Tools...Error Console about component failures 2) User can't see any bookmarks, at all 3) no new bookmarks can be added" - looking into this and starting testing -- Tomcat

  • it seems that Version is not affect, a clean install of norton 360 showed no problem. Maybe its interesting what version number people have who are affected by this Bug. The Version Number can be found in the Norton 360 Main Window -> Support -> About 360 and it looks like this [2] screenshot.

Information that would be helpful to know, to reproduce the Problem

1) What antivirus software are you running, and what version? (Version Number a example how this looks (including virus pattern) is here [3]
2) Do you have the latest updates & virus patterns for your antivirus software?
3) Did the support article help?
3.1) If so, was Firefox listed under the Eavesdropping Protection?
3.2) If so, was the Firefox Privacy Cleanup button checked?
4.)  Can you access the *.sqlite file or is the AV preventing the Access. Is the file write protected ?
5.) Any Firefox Files listed in the Virus/Spyware Protection Settings , see [4]
6.) In case the places.sqlite file is locked, it this possible to get the places.sqlite file
7.) Are you using the Identity Safe Login Feature of Norton 360 ?
7.1) If so, have you auto saved passwords ?
7.2) What extensions/plugins are installed ?
8.) any other information that might help us to reproduce the Problem. 
  • If you see the problem, a log file from Procmon would be very helpful. Progmon is a free tool: (the following walk-through guide might help ((thanks to shawn wilsher and rob arnold)).

Goto and download Process Explorer. Open the zip and run the exe inside (or extract it somewhere...doesn't matter). You'll see a list of processes in a tree view. Select firefox.exe; it's probably listed under explorer.exe. In the menu, select View -> Lower Pane View -> Handles. The lower pane should open. Scroll down until the left hand column (Type) shows File, then look for the entry with the right name. If it's there, then firefox still has the file open, if not then it doesn't.

General, Unknown, or Other

  • Toolbars and page content appearing too large. [5]--ChrisI 00:04, 30 August 2008 (UTC)