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This is a no updates + no partials release as it's the first of the new branch, which results in some hackery in the release config. Some of this was done as part of the branch setup in bug 913195 (see the buildbot-configs patch). When lsblakk was submitting the release to ship-it an empty field wasn't allowed for Partials (filed bug 914964), so a fake partial of '24.0build0'. Applying attachment 802716 [edit] to the config template avoids the fake value in ship-it ending up in the config. Backed out after shipping.

After submission we also had issues with ship-it not liking a version of 24.0esr (reopened bug 869568). rail+nthomas generated a fix, although it's possible bhearsum intended we use 24.0.0esr in the first place. After deploying the fix ship-it was funcational and the release started OK.

Needed to force the push_to_mirrors builder, as bug 813072 results in it not happening automatically for the first release of a new branch.

No ready to release email, bug 813698. Checked uptake was ok in bouncer.