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bug 943053 - aki

Build 1

Putting release build on beta channel (bug 908134)

nthomas on the hook for this work.

  • After linux and mac builds were done, start repacking on bld-centos6-hp-006
mkdir -p nthomas/bug908134/
cd nthomas/bug908134/
hg clone
wget -O
# get a signing token for release certs, 4 hour expiry
# hardcode platforms to linux64
export PYTHONPATH=tools/lib/python; export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`
time python -u -f 27.0b9-build1 -t 27.0-build1 -T 27.0b9-build1 2>&1 | tee linux64.log
  • renew the signing token, to max of 6 hours, modify hardcoding to mac, win32, linux. Log to mac-win32-linux.log
  • 6 hours successful later running the cert has at win32/vi. Renew, limit locales to vi and later, win32. Log to finish-win32.log
  • run for linux, all locales. Log to linux.log
  • run out of disk space at linux/mk; clean up and rerun. Log to finish-linux.log
  • total clock time 12hrs, a bit less actual run time.
  • upload to stage (with -n first)
rsync -av -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/ffxbld_dsa' \
  repacked/27.0-candidates/build1/ \
  • Over on my laptop, bump the patcher config
cd <tools_checkout>
export PERL5LIB="tools/lib/perl:$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5"  # need Config::General v2.44
perl tools/release/ -p firefox -r Firefox -v 27.0 -a 27.0 -o 27.0b9 -b 1 \
  -c tools/release/patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg -t -f \
  -d -l shipped-locales --partial-version 27.0b9 --platform linux --platform linux64 \
  --platform macosx64 --platform win32
  • Then some manual modifications <27.0> block ——> <27.0-build1>, to -> 27.0-build1, tweak paths for partial mar names. Update verify configs were created manually (27.0b8 and 27.0b9 only). Configs, and changes to update verify scripts in tools.diff in attachment 8367185 [edit].
  • On stage, update the checksums files for the new mar files
 cd /pub/
 for f in {linux*,mac,win32}/*; do 
   echo $f
   if [[ -e $f/firefox-27.0.checksums ]]; then    # skip
     cp -p $f/firefox-27.0.checksums $f/firefox-27.0.bak.checksums  # bak will be ignored at push to releases time
     for m in firefox-27.0-forbeta.complete.mar firefox-27.0b9-build1-27.0-build1.partial.mar; do
        echo `openssl dgst -sha512 $ff | cut -d'=' -f2` 'sha512' `stat -c '%s' $ff` $ff >> $f/firefox-27.0.checksums;
  • Back on bld-centos6-hp-006, get the tools patch and
export PYTHONPATH="tools/lib/python:tools/lib/python/vendor"
python tools/scripts/updates/ --config tools/release/patcher-configs/mozBeta-branch-patcher2.cfg \
  --checksums-dir checksums --snippet-dir aus2 --test-snippet-dir aus2.test -v 2>&1 | tee snippets.log
  • Ditch the betatest snippets, for we're not going to us them
rm -rf aus2.test/Firefox/*/WIN*/*/*/betatest
rm -rf aus2.test/Firefox/*/Lin*/*/*/betatest
rm -rf aus2.test/Firefox/*/Dar*/*/*/betatest
  • Sync to aus3-staging
rsync -av -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/ffxbld_dsa' aus2.test/
rsync -a -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/ffxbld_dsa' aus2/
  • push test snippets live
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-27.0-build1-forbeta-test
  • run update verify on assorted slaves. Linux64, mac, windows run native on those platforms; linux32 on a 64bit slave that ran a 32bit build, so that the mock environment has i686 compatibility libs to run the 32bit updater
  • push beta snippets live
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-27.0-build1-forbeta

Last minute fix to sync MSN partner builds properly

bhearsum landed bug 964836 after most of the automation completed. This is a necessary last minute fix to serve MSN/Bing builds correctly.

SSL only bouncer entry

Ran (replaced 26 with 27)

Yandex issues for Fennec

"Yandex Store won't let us upload the APK returning an obscure "An unknown error has occured" message. This happened a couple of releases ago and we just had to wait a couple of hours before it worked. "

This didn't work for Ben all morning, then worked for Aki first try. Networking issue in MoTo? Looks like the store was down.