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bug 1006829 - catlee/aki

Build 1

No problems, but 29.0 wasn't included in the list for partial updates. Doing build2 to correct that with automation.

Build 2

Missing snippets

Still didn't get 29.0 --> 29.0.1 snippets, because from is not set in the patcher config for build > 1. Revert the two 29.0.1 config bumps and run the updates builder again by forcing it.

Modify snippets

Request in bug 987480 to not show the whatsnew page for updates from 29.0 --> 29.0.1, but leave it for older builds, which requires hacking around on the snippets.

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# staging snippets, which have already been pushsnip'd
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-29.0.1-build2-29.0nowhatsnew-test/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-29.0.1-build2-test/Firefox/29.0* staging/Firefox-29.0.1-build2-29.0nowhatsnew-test/Firefox/
for f in `find staging/Firefox-29.0.1-build2-29.0nowhatsnew-test -type f`; do
    sed -e '/^openURL.*/d' -e 's/^actions.*/actions=silent/' -i $f
pushsnip Firefox-29.0.1-build2-29.0nowhatsnew-test
# fix up prod snippets, which haven't been pushed yet
rsync -a staging/Firefox-29.0.1-build2/ obsolete/Firefox-29.0.1-build2-missingwhatsnewfix/
for f in `find staging/Firefox-29.0.1-build2/Firefox/29.0* -type f`; do
    sed -e '/^openURL.*/d' -e 's/^actions.*/actions=silent/' -i $f

Fix up bouncer

Since we had a different list of partials for build2 and we don't run bouncer submitter for buildNumber > 1 we ended up with missing bouncer entries for 29.0-29.0.1.

  • Edited configs/releases/, set
"products": {},
  • Ran the following:
scripts/ -c releases/ --revision FIREFOX_29_0_1_RELEASE \
 --repo releases/mozilla-release --version 29.0.1 --credentials-file oauth.txt \
 --bouncer-api-prefix --previous-version 29.0