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Build Engineers

Tracking release bug

Bonsai queries

Bonsai query is: last cvs checkin

last l10n checkin

Updated CVS Tags devmo page.


Build 1:

Module Branch Tag Pull date
cvsroot/mozilla HEAD FIREFOX_3_0_5_BUILD1 2008-11-28 23:01 PST
l10n/l10n HEAD FIREFOX_3_0_5_BUILD1 2008-12-01 12:35 PST

Build data

Type Build ID SHA1 Push date Build machine
[Windows installer/zip] fx-win32-1.9-slave2
[Mac compressed] fx-mac-1.9-slave2
[Linux compressed] fx-linux-1.9-slave2


Build 1


Setup before starting:

  • Updated master.cfg, bootstrap.cfg. Retagged bootstrap.cfg.
  • On all the slaves:
    • remove /builds/verify/firefox-, /builds/verify/firefox-*-{fake,major}-update
    • verified we're using same version of tinderbox as before (RELEASE_AUTOMATION_M11), so nothing to do.
    • On the linux slave,
    • ran 'DISPLAY=:0 xhost +' to make sure linux AliveTest works
    • removed:
      • /builds/verify/firefox-3.0.{3,4}
      • /builds/updates/firefox-3.0.4
      • /builds/source/firefox-3.0.4
      • /data/cltbld/firefox-3.0.4
    • On the mac slave, removed nothing, as there was loads of space.
  • Space on slaves before starting:
    • fx-linux-1.9-slave2: 19.5G on /builds
    • fx-mac-1.9-slave2: 14.5G on /
    • fx-win32-1.9-slave2: 16.9G on d:, 4.15G on e: (disk heavy work is done on d, eg update_verify. build/repack is done on e, but mostly just overwrites existing data)
  • Gulped, and kicked off automation:
#login to production-1.9-master as buildbot
buildbot sendchange --username=joduinn --master=localhost:9989 -m"Firefox 3.0.5build1 release" go


  • No problems


  • No problems

Build & Repack

  • linux, mac, win32: No problems


  • Signing doc
  • no problems.
  • slave had lost connection at 12:33PST and 12:47PST today. FIXME: dont know why.
  • To resume builds, I tweaked master.cfg, and did a new sendchange to resume automation from this point.
$ buildbot sendchange --username=joduinn --master=localhost:9989 -m"Firefox 3.0.5build1 release after signing" go


  • Automated - no problems.

Generate Updates

  • Automated - no problems.

Publish Updates to Test Channels (betatest & releasetest)

  • Automated - no problems.

Update Verify

  • linux - no problems.
  • mac - no problems.
  • win32 - bug 452128 was fixed in 3.0.4, so that 3.0.4 -> 3.0.5 updates expected to work... and they did! There was the usual complaint that freebl3.chk and softokn3.chk differ (bug 404340), which is a pass in reality. However, worth noting that there were the following extra messages:
Binary files source/bin/freebl3.chk and target/bin/freebl3.chk differ
Binary files source/bin/softokn3.chk and target/bin/softokn3.chk differ
FAIL: binary files found in diff
FAIL: check_updates returned failure for WINNT_x86-msvc downloads/Firefox Setup 3.0.4.exe vs. downloads/ 1

Dont understand - should the above really be comparing FF3.0.4 vs FF3.0.5?


  • Automated - no problems.

Push to beta channel

  • Done in tandem with, notes are over there

Sign Installers

Done manually using these installer-signing-instructions here. Hit an error getting a timestamp for hi-IN, hu, and id locales, so resigned those and reopened bug 453464.

  • complete stage-merged:
# on stage
cd /data/cltbld/firefox-3.0.5/
rsync -av batch1/mar/ stage-merged/
rsync -av batch1/stage-signed/ stage-merged/
  • Create MD5 and SHA1 checksum files
# on stage
cd /data/cltbld/firefox-3.0.5/stage-merged/
~/bin/checksum-files .
  • Fix permissions & ownership (on the two SUM files, and the detached sigs)
chown -R cltbld:firefox .
chmod 644 *SUMS
  • FIXME?: I noted that the permissions on the *SUMS files were correct before I ran the chmod above. Is this still needed? Yes, they're 664 before that and we don't want other members of the firefox group to modify them

Update Bouncer

  • Done.
  • Note for next release: Do not remove the Check Now bit on the Firefox-3.0.5 Products until well after the change to the rsync module (to prevent the likes of bug 464566)

Push to mirrors

  • push the stage-merged directory to the releases area:
# on stage
rsync -av /data/cltbld/firefox-3.0.5/stage-merged/ /home/ftp/pub/firefox/releases/3.0.5/
  • edit the exclude file /pub/ to add the new release (3.0.5) and remove the previous release (3.0.4).

Final Verification

  • Verify that releasetest points to valid bouncer links:
# this can be run from anywhere
cvs co mozilla/testing/release
cd mozilla/testing/release/updates
cat moz19-firefox-*.cfg | grep -v major | sed 's/betatest/releasetest/' | grep -v 2.0a | grep -v 2.0b > update.cfg
./ -t update.cfg 2>&1 | tee quickVerify.log
  • Look for any HTTP error codes besides 200 ("OK") and 302 ("Found"):
grep HTTP quickVerify.log | grep -v 200 | grep -v 302
  • Before pushing final updates,verify that "release" and "releasetest" channel match:
# on aus2-staging
$ cd 20081202-Firefox-3.0.5
$ find -type d -iregex '.*release.*' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/release/releasetest/; system("diff -r -u $_ ../20081202-Firefox-3.0.5-test/$a");'

Publish Updates to Release Channel

While waiting for the formal "go," ran:

time ~/bin/backupsnip 20081202-Firefox-3.0.5
real    39m22.521s
user    0m31.262s
sys     0m51.757s
  • In case you need to cancel/abort updates, the quickest way to do this is here
$ time ~/bin/pushsnip 20081202-Firefox-3.0.5
real    0m39.965s
user    0m0.105s
sys     0m3.230s


  • fix latest symlink
# cltbld@stage
cd /home/ftp/pub/firefox/releases
rm latest-3.0 && ln -s 3.0.5 latest-3.0