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Tracking document for the release of Firefox 3.1 Beta 2. See also:


  • Overall lead: beltzner
  • Dev lead: beltzner
  • Build lead: ??
  • QA lead: tchung
  • Web lead: beltzner

Development Work Remaining

  • done

Release Tracking & Schedule

step date status
tree closed / frozen for slushy freeze November 4th 11:59pm PDT done
tag mozilla-central for build (last changeset: 951178f392ef) November 25th done
en-US builds generated November 26th done
l10n builds generated (using these changesets) November 26th done
QA tests


Completed Dec 4th done
release notes, first run pages on www-trunk.stage.m.c
December 7th done
all-beta download page on www-trunk.stage.m.c December 7th done
QA tests website changes on trunk December 7th done
release & announce phase
website changes pushed to authstage.m.c December 8th, 12:45pm PST done
release notes & first run pages pushed live December 8th, 12:41pm PST done
builds pushed to mirrors December 8th, 6:00am PST done
QA tests bouncer links on authstage.m.c December 8th, 1:05pm PST done
QA verifies updates on releasetest channel (really a bouncer test), and web pages December 8th, 11:00am PST done
all-beta download page pushed live December 8th, 1:30pm PST done
QA verifies bouncer links December 8th, 1:45pm PST done
build enables updates on beta channel December 8th, 1:50pm PST done
QA verifies updates on beta channel December 8th, 2:15pm PST done
release announced December 8th, 3:00pm PST done