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Firefox 3.5.1 Test Plan

Description of Release

This is a chemspill release which will address a critical bug found in Firefox 3.5. We are taking a few ride-along fixes as well.

Specific Plan for 3.5.1

We need to verify bug fixes, especially the fix for the bug that prompted this release bug 503286. In addition we will go through the usual checks for our maintenance releases: smoketests, basic functional tests, l10n spot checks, and updates checks.


Given the chemspill nature of this release, we will have an accelerated schedule. As of Tue (7/14pm PDT) we have not declared code completeness, but we expect to have builds by tomorrow morning PDT. This is a tentative QA schedule:

  • Code Freeze: 7/14
  • QA Starts Verifications: 7/14
  • Builds Start: 7/14
  • QA Cycle: 7/14 - 7/18
    • Smoketests: 7/14-7/15 - 3 people
    • BFTs: 7/15 - 3 people
    • l10n: 7/15 - 3 people
    • Updates checks betatest: 7/16 - 3 people
    • Updates Beta(?): 7/16-7/17 - 3 people


  • Verifications: Everyone who can help (abillings, hskupin, aakashd, tchung)
  • Smoketests: 3 people (abillings, aakashd, hskupin)
  • BFTs: 3 people (abillings, tracy, tester3)
  • l10n checks: 3 people (abillings, tchung, tchung)
  • Updates checks: 3 people (abillings, tester, aakashd)


We'll have links to the build location as they become available.

Test Results

Bugs to Verify

Important: Once verified, edit the bug's keyword from fixed1.9.1.1 to verified1.9.1.1