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Build Engineers

release tracking bug

Signed-off Revision(s)

Build1: rev 5b61f163f2fd


On release/mozilla-1.9.1:

Build # Tag Changeset
1 GECKO191b4_20090423_RELBRANCH 5b61f163f2fd
FIREFOX_3_5b4_RELEASE FIREFOX_3_5b4_BUILD1 afac8b5958bc

All l10n repositories listed in l10n-changesets were also relbranch'd to GECKO191b4_20090423_RELBRANCH, and tagged with FIREFOX_3_5b4_RELEASE and FIREFOX_3_5b4_BUILD1 for build1.

Build data

Type Build ID Build machine
[Windows installer/zip] 20090423204732
[Mac compressed] 20090423191946
[Linux compressed] 20090423192432


  • moved UPDATE_PACKAGING_R7 to 0f80ac6c75d8 (tip at the time) in build/tools repo to pick up bug 487677

Build 1

  • patch buildbot-configs/mozilla2/, get review, land
  • checkin latest copy of l10n-changesets from tracking bug
  • reconfig production-master
  • do sendchange
buildbot sendchange --username=nthomas --master=localhost:9010 --branch=releases/mozilla-1.9.1 -m "Firefox 3.5b4 build1" goforit


No problems. Landed the version bump to 3.5b5pre, need push -f to create a new head (make sure you are on the default branch!).


No problems.


Slave for Windows build was interrupted by mistake, stopped linux & mac en-US builds and cleaned up all three slaves. Added a dummy_factory and used it for tag and source steps, reconfig'd master and did sendchange. No problems with mac or linux. Windows running.

Discovered localised complete mars missing, filed bug 489954 and put in a temporary fix.

Assorted more sendchanges to deal with

  • moz2-win32-slave22 still having a 3.1b3 checkout and getting stuck on the relbranch for that (need newer hg or more careful cleanup or better source pull logic)
  • moz2-win32-slave05 getting a busted mozilla-1.9.1 repo
  • getting some connection resets on upload to stage
  • not thinking as clearly as is useful

We have 70 complete mars for each platform now. It would be _really_ great if we had a way to trigger only some locale & platform combinations.



  • Failed out when stub files couldn't be checked out.
    • Had to re-install the Equifax root certificate (because of the recent cygwin update):
cp equifax.pem /usr/ssl/certs
echo "ca_certificate = /usr/ssl/certs/equifax.pem" >> /etc/wgetrc
  • Restarted with:


  • Removed the file en-US.xpi and entries from the two SUMS files; bug 485860 for the automation, bug 485935 for the build side
  • verify-asc failed because it got 212 asc's vs 215 files - needs to ignore *SUMS and KEY, bug 492909)

Nice to have:

  • Output from fake-upload could be much more useful, eg xpi's are shown

Plus the real upload of the builds and the logfile, as documented here.


  • not all slaves have 7z to unpack windows installers (hit this with moz2-darwin9-slave06). Reran when only bm-xserve19 was available. Filed bug 485935
  • no problems - looks like string updates to crashreporter.ini & updater.ini, hu fixing up searchplugins, some bookmark string changes. Plus "Only in" results for locales added/removed from shipped-locales

Generate updates and push betatest snippets

  • No problems
  • on moz2-linux-slave16 (to cleanup a big hunk of disk)
cd /builds/slave/updates/build/temp/firefox
rm -rf 3.*/ftp

This leaves behind the snippets, source tree for mar & mbsdiff utilites, and so on, but removes all the mar files.

Update verify

  • Got race in pushing config back to hg repo, bug 486454. Cleaned up failed slaves on linux & windows and forced sequential builds
  • All three failed because
    • no ml for b4
    • cy came back after missing b3, but patcher doesn't generate a snippet from b2 to b4. May need to manually correct this
  • Hungarian (hu) and Mongolian (mn) changed their list of default searchplugins (bug 478878,bug 477989) and we get this on complete update. Can't remove these because they're in use by other locales, and removed-files is not locale specific
Only in source/firefox/searchplugins: amazondotcom.xml
Only in source/firefox/searchplugins: answers.xml
Only in source/firefox/searchplugins: eBay.xml
Only in source/firefox/searchplugins: yahoo.xml
  • On win32 the usual freebl3.chk and softokn3.chk mismatch, .autoreg and removed-files added on complete update

Update Bouncer

  • Done.

Final checks before push

Each of the find calls should return no output.

cd /home/ftp/pub/firefox/nightly/3.5b4-candidates/build1/
find . ! -user ffxbld
find . ! -group firefox
find . -type f ! -perm 644
find . -type d -mindepth 1 ! -perm 755 ! -name 'contrib*'
find contrib contrib-localized ! -perm 2775

Push to mirrors

# ffxbld@stage
rsync -av --exclude=*.log --exclude=*.txt --exclude=*unsigned* \
 /home/ftp/pub/firefox/nightly/3.5b4-candidates/build1/ \

Final verification

  • Use 'Force Build to start the final_verification builder, chase down any 503 or 404 errors to find bad mirrors - lowered from 329 to 150 in bouncer.

Fix up releasetest

Didn't get releasetest for 3.1a1/a2/b1. Copied beta snippets, removed b2 & b3, renamed beta to releasetest. Pushed live.

Fixed with change to patcher config.

Publish updates to beta channel

~/bin/backupsnip 20090424-Firefox-3.5b4
~/bin/pushsnip 20090424-Firefox-3.5b4