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3.6 Test Plan

Firefox 3.6 RC2 Testplan

Coordinating QA: juanb in, Or ping someone in #qa

Description of Release

This is the second release candidate for Firefox 3.6. Should everything run smoothly during testing this is what will be released to our users as the official version after a beta period.

Specific Plan for RC2

We will run a brief QA cycle consisting of spot checks based on the smoketests, as well as l10n spot checks, and updates tests. We are still completing an FFT run on the RC1 builds, which should not be invalidated by this new RC.


We will spot check en-US builds using the Litmus smoketests as a guide, and we'll run some l10n spot checks and updates checks.

All dates tentative:

  • Builds Start: Jan 15
  • QA: Jan 15
    • Smoketests and Other OS Spot Checks: Jan 15-16 (3 people)
    • l10n spot checks: Jan 15-16 (3 people)
    • Updates checks: Jan 16-17 (3 people)


Builds for RC2 can be found here:

Test Results

Build 1

Final Release Tasks

Focus Areas

  • Spotcheck mainly, and verifying the few fixes that went in.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Please look through the list of bug fixes for focus areas.

Bug Verifications