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Firefox 3.7 (1.9.3) Alpha 5 Testplan

Description of Release

This is the fifth alpha release of 3.7 (1.9.3). We will go through a minimal QA cycle.

Specific Plan Alpha 5

For this release, QA will be running smoke tests and update testing only. 64 bit Mac and Linux builds will be given spot checks. Confirm builds launch properly and that there are no major problems with basic functionality. This release will be en-US only and will not have any branding.


We will run through basic spot-checks, Litmus smoketests, across platforms as soon as builds are available.

  • Code Freeze: 6/8
  • Builds Start: 6/8
  • QA (Smoketests): 6/8-9 - 3 people
  • Signoff: 6/8-9


  • Smoketests: Half a day - 1 to 3 people


You can find the builds here:

Fixed bugs

Test Results

Overall Assessment

Summary: Is it good to ship?

New Issues:

  • *Query of videos with "webm" at the end - some videos that came up in the list did not show the HTML5 webm in the status bar. This is specified in

Known Issues:

  • "Mozilla Developer Preview" text is cut off in Preferences. This is due to the name being much longer than "Minefield" or "Firefox"
  • Bug 59142 64-bit Firefox can't use OSX-bundled plugins (Flash, QuickTime)
  • Bug 567742 Fullscreen mode makes the window badly manage Aero Glass

Focus Areas

From a draft of the release notes highlights:

  • HTML5 parser (hsivonen)
  • New Add-Ons Manager, though not final UI (mossop)
    • Visual inspection of UI and exploration.
  • WebM, tentative (roc)
  • Cocoa NPAPI, used by Flash 10.1 and Apple's newest Java plugin (josh)
    • Install version and perform exploratory testing on various flash sites including video and game sites.
  • New default behavior for 3rd party cookies (dwitte, bug 565475)
  • ChromeWorker with ctypes access, usable from extensions only (bent)
  • Lazy frame construction (Timothy Nikkel)
  • Linux and Mac OS 64bit builds will be available.
    • Spot checks of Linux 64 Bit Build
    • Spot checks of Mac 64 Bit Build