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nthomas - bug 1056834


Build 1


  • linux64 repack 9/10 failed with:
bash: scripts/scripts/l10n/ No such file or directory

full log, reran builder --> green

  • uploaded to apple

Modify snippets - whatsnew pages

bug 1018694 requests whatsnew pages to be shown for ESR24 users, so they get the Australis tour when updating to an Australis build. The patcher config has whatsnew turned on for all versions, so we need to post-process the snippets for < 31.0.

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# fix up the test snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test/Firefox/31.0* staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru pushed/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test/ staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew | less

~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1-test-fixed-whatsnew

# fix up the release snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1.bak/Firefox
rsync -a staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1/Firefox/31.0* staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1.bak/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1/Firefox/31.0* -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1.bak staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1 | less
rm -rf staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build1.bak

Build 2

Respin for extra fixes. Failed in en-US builds when trying to download 24.8.0esr complete mar's, ship it had 24.8.0esrbuild1 instead of 24.8.1esrbuild1 in the partials list. Maybe ship-it entry bug, or pebkac. Do build 3 to fix this up.

Build 3

  • build okay
  • uploading to Apple - done

Modify snippets - whatsnew pages

Rerun of the steps for build1, only s/build1/build3/, and fixed to do all 31 version instead of just 31.0.

# ffxbld@aus3-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets

# fix up the test snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox
rsync -a pushed/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test/Firefox/31.* staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test-fixed-whatsnew/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test-fixed-whatsnew -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru pushed/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test/ staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test-fixed-whatsnew | less

~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3-test-fixed-whatsnew

# fix up the release snippets
mkdir -p staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3.bak/Firefox
rsync -a staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3/Firefox/31.* staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3.bak/Firefox/
find staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3/Firefox/31.* -type f -exec sed -i -e '/^openURL/d' -e 's,^actions=showURL,actions=silent,' {} \;
diff -ru staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3.bak staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3 | less
rm -rf staging/Firefox-31.2.0esr-build3.bak

Pushed to esr early

  • rail was confused with one of the emails and pushed the esr snippets earlier than needed
  • fixed by
cd /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox
# remove buildN esr updates
$ rm -rf 31.2.0/*/*/*/esr/
# rm previous version updates (they are not overwritten)
rm -rf 31.1.1/*/*/*/esr/
rm -rf 24.8.1/*/*/*/esr/
# restore prev snippets
cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
rsync -av ../pushed/Firefox-31.1.1esr-build1/ Firefox-31.1.1esr-build1/
rsync -av ../pushed/Firefox-24.8.1esr-build1/ Firefox-24.8.1esr-build1/
# push them
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-24.8.1esr-build1
~/bin/pushsnip Firefox-31.1.1esr-build1

Missing bouncer config

The partial from 24.8.1esr was added at build3, and bouncer submission only happens on build1, so there was no Firefox-31.2.0esr-Partial-24.8.1esr set up. We were polling for that product in start_uptake_monitoring, and getting errors which blocked the 'Updates available on releasetest' email. We missed that, and QA missed the 404 from download.m.o in their update tests (bug 1082861).

Added the product and locations to bouncer. start_uptake_monitoring then completed, but a reconfig in the interim meant no email. Rebuilt that job, which got the usual notifcations about updates on releasetest, ready for release, and final_verification.

Fennec armv6

This is really associated with 33.0. No issues with build1 or build2.