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Bugs Hit

Build 1

Several repack failures

  • webheads out of sync for linux_repack and linux64_repack 6/10, locale kn --> standalone_repack
    • linux standalone failed with same error, try again
  • tar errors after signing on macosx64_repack 4,6,8/10,
    • disabled release signing server on mac-signing4, rebuilt jobs
  • macosx64_repack 5/10 failed because it was talking to mac-signing4 when I kill the server, rebuilt job
  • hit hg issues with kn for mac and linux too, used standalone_repack
    • will need release-mozilla-beta-win32_repack_complete and release-mozilla-beta-macosx64_repack_completeforcing
    • first attempt to run win32 kn standalone repack failed with:
  command: START
  command: hg update -C
  command: cwd: c:\builds\moz2_slave\rel-m-beta-w32_sa_rpk-00000000\mozilla-beta
  command: output:
  command timed out: 1200 seconds without output, attempting to kill

running it again

    • win32 standalone repack failed a second time because of the hg update command timed out (1200 seconds without output)

  • update_verify_5/6 failed for Firefox 32.0b6 build1 on macosx64, timed out:
 FINISH ADD Contents/Info.plist
 FINISH ADD Contents/CodeResources
 calling QuitProgressUI
 command timed out: 1200 seconds without output running ['bash', 'scripts/scripts/release/updates/', 'macosx64', 'verifyConfigs', '6', '5'], attempting to kill
 process killed by signal 9
 program finished with exit code -1

re-triggering it