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4.0 RC Test Plan

RC2(build2) Focus

We've revoked a set of bad certificates from a vendor in RC2. A few popular sites were affected including The fix should have disabled those bad certificates, so that when a user visits those sites they no longer can see a page, but an error message indicating their certificate was revoked.

The handful of popular sites should not be affected after the fix, so everything should work as before.

I'll send mail to Vlad, George, Srinivas and Aravind letting them know which sites these are.


Start with AMO related functionality, and then move on to using the other sites' functionality through SSL. The basic test consists of going to and making sure the site loads. From there:

  • Install addons using the site
  • Using the the about:addons search functionality
  • Install an older version of an addon, restart, and check for updates.

For the other sites (which I will send to you via email), test basic functionality, all through SSL. Ignore certificate errors if the originating domains take you to a different domain, but compare with RC1 to double check.



  • Security FFT Results (Litmus): PASS
    • Notes:
  • Functionality Testing in Individual Sites: PASS


  • Security FFT Results (Litmus): Pass
    • Notes:
  • Functionality Testing in Individual Sites: Pass