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Fx 4b3 Test Plan

Firefox 4 beta 3 feature area testing guided by BFTs

In addition to running all the Mozmill BFT automated tests, we'll run BFTs corresponding to areas of high priority using the following BFT test run in Litmus as a guide.

Where there are no related Litmus testcases it is up to the feature owners to test their areas.

Before filing a bug, check the existing bugs filed in previous beta versions:

  1. Beta 1 Bugs
  2. Beta 2 Bugs
Focus Area Tester Status (detailed results at the bottom)
Example Focus Area Tester Name WinXP: in progress or completed or Not Run
Win7: ...
Mac OS 10.6: ...
Linux: ...
Tabbed Browsing vladmaniac Linux: Completed
Mac OS 10.6: Completed
Win7: Completed
Add-ons Manager vladmaniac Win7: In progress
Mac OS 10.6: In progress
Linux 10.04: In progress
Session Restore ahoza Win7: Completed
Mac OS 10.6: Completed
Linux 10.04: Completed
Toolbar Customization ashah in progress/completed'
Bookmarks/Places ahoza Win7: Completed
Mac OS 10.6: Completed
Linux 10.04: Completed
Private Browsing aravindm WinXP: in progress/completed
Mac OS 10.6: in progress/completed
Linux: in progress/completed
Awesomebar aravindm WinXP: Completed
Win7: Completed
Mac OS 10.5: Completed
Linux: Completed
Context Menus gmontagu Win 7: Completed
File system interaction in Mac OS X tester in progress/completed
App Tabs marcia in progress/completed
Feedback (aka Test Pilot + Input) tracy WinXP: completed
Win7: Not run
Mac OS 10.6: completed
Linux: completed
Personas (Lightweight Themes) gmontagu Win 7: Completed
OOPP gmontagu in progress/completed
Fullscreen gmontagu in progress/completed
Heads Up Display Tomcat in progress/completed
Inspect Tomcat in progress/completed

Results Notes

Example Focus Area

  • WinXP: Issues can be noted here, such as bugs filed in the area using this platform. Make notes of issues that you encountered but didn't lead to a bug being filed. If you file a bug please add [4b3] in the Whiteboard field.
  • Mac OS 10.6: Issue...
  • Linux 10.4: Issue...

Firefox Sync

  • Due to perf issue, Sync did not make this beta

Tabbed Browsing

Session Restore

  • No new bugs found on tested platforms


  • No new bugs found on tested platforms

Add-ons Manager

  • Issues:
    • bug 584719 - Abnormal looking of "Update" button in Addons Manager window.
    • Search add-ons seems to be not enabled.
    • Still having incompatibility problems even after creating new boolean config line for extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b = false.


  • Win7: Issues...
  • Mac: Issues...
  • Linux: Issues...

Personas/Lightweight Themes

  • Win7: The minimize, resize and close buttons disappear. [Bug 574833]
  • Mac: Issues...
  • Linux: Issues...


  • Win7: Issues...
  • Mac: Issues...
  • Linux: Issues...



    • bug 584734 - Results ready to submit notification doesn't appear.