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Firefox 66 Beta 10 Test Plan

Build information

Manual QA's recommendation for this build

Note: Recommendation based on results from manual testing.
66.0b10-build1 COMPLETED (100%) SHIP IT
  • Besides a few already known, low-impact issues, one new enhancement was filled: bug 1529874

Manual testing summary

Activity Stream History
Windows 7 x64 Cristian Fogel 64-bit Intel HD 5500 GREEN GREEN
Windows 10 x64 Emil Ghitta 64-bit Intel HD Graphics 530 GREEN GREEN
macOS 10.12 Daniel Cicas 64-bit TBD GREEN GREEN
Ubuntu 16.04 x64 Cristian Baica 64-bit IntelHD Graphics 530 GREEN GREEN

Features in Firefox 66

See the following gdoc for a general overview.

Detailed test results

New bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1529874 Update the "View History sidebar" button to "Hide History sidebar" if sidebar is enabled RESOLVED DUPLICATE

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Known bugs

High-impact bugs also encountered in previous builds

Bugzilla query error

error, http-bad-status, Array

Low-impact bugs also encountered in previous builds

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1394383 Hovering the Search Engines from the Search Suggestions menu in about:newtab or about:home does not change the "Search for <keyword> with:" string RESOLVED WONTFIX
1394387 Search Suggestions do not re-appear after the menu is dismissed NEW
1400182 The first searched keywords are not redisplayed when clicking the "Back" button after a search was performed RESOLVED INVALID
1484199 The default Top Stories position is annulled by section reordering NEW
1498112 Single clicking the Back button after performing a search action with Bing, refreshes the page instead of redirecting the user to the previous page RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1509317 Search for '@' in URL bar replaces in drop-down another searched single character RESOLVED INVALID
1520173 Two separate entries are listed in History for the same website using HSTS NEW

7 Total; 3 Open (42.86%); 4 Resolved (57.14%); 0 Verified (0%);

Bug fix verification

All verified Firefox 66 bug fixes are listed in the following gdoc

Status tags

  • [NOT STARTED] - {{mnotstarted}} - little or no work has started on this task
  • [ON TRACK] - {{mok}} - task is actively being worked on and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [DONE] - {{mdone}} - task is completed and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [AT RISK] - {{mrisk}}- blocking bug / high number of bugs / other confidence-shakers makes us feel not comfortable with the quality of the build.
  • [IN PROGRESS] - {{mprog}} - actively being tested on
  • [INVESTIGATION NEEDED] - {{minvest}} - more investigation needed