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New Item for June

  • Unlike last time, we will be *not* be including the Kampyle feedback/survey form.

Task List

Steps needed to perform a funnelcake release.

In advance:

  1. create repack (Kev)
  2. installers to be made available at (or something similar). worksheet will be here:
  3. QA testing + signing of release (Tomcat)
  4. Repacking (Kev)
  5. builds to be made ready for signing at
  6. Build signs (Nick Thomas); now at
  7. signed builds available at (ask kev for uname/password if needed)
  8. Create all unique pages (e.g., download.html, firstrun, whatsnew) (automated process for IT)
  9. pages available on trunk
  10. Page testing and approval by QA (Stephen Donner)
    1. For the following pages, download the en-US builds for Win, Mac, Linux, install, and ensure their first-run pages are instrumented (f=8 or something similar):
        1. en-US links for Win, Mac, Linux should be Funnelcake-instrumented
          1. All other download links should be normal
  11. Set-up download servers and enable mirrors (Oremj)
  12. builds should be available at something like
  13. Double check the builds (Tomcat)

At midnight:

  1. Pages pushed to production (automated process for IT)
  2. Pages verified (Stephen Donner)

Day of launch:

  1. Change pages back to normal on trunk and stage (automated process for IT)
  2. Verify on authstage once it syncs (Stephen Donner)

At following midnight:

  1. Back out to normal pages (automated process for IT)
  2. Change the 3 bouncer entries between 0:00 and 0:01. All Firefox-3.0.11-08 entries should point to the same locations as Firefox-3.0.7 entries. (John O'Duinn or Nick Thomas)
  3. Verify that three entry points all back to serving regular builds on all three platforms (Stephen Donner)


Bugs To Be Filed