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Schedule / Location / Call Information

Other communication channels

  • #planning for back channel
  • This etherpad for real-time notes

Talking Points


  • 4/20 Final RC go to build given
  • 4/24 Release date, unthrottled
  • 4/25 Throttled to evaluate feedback
  • 5/1 Fully unthrottled


  • Overall, things went well
    • We shipped on time with no immediate chemspills
    • We had on-call weekend resources available in case of a Firefox 11-esque scenario (multiple weekend Betas) which were not needed
  • Poor staffing around release week (MozCamp, PTOs)
    • Exacerbated by the fact that we had to do a release, 3.6 EOL, and Win2k EOL at the same time
    • Will make sure to have at least Juan or myself and one other senior QA available the week before and after a release
  • Firefox for mobile 10.0.4 was tested only on available en-US builds. l10n was completely broken and missed.
  • bug 725152 – Stereoscopic 3D videos not properly detected
    • Late verification - a month after landing


  • Decoupling merge date and release date
    • Can we still spin another beta after we uplift the next version to mozilla-beta? Yes.
    • need to communicate with devs - last minute landings would miss train
  • release mechanics on the following Friday
    • webdev / IT to update webpages;
      • jlongster not on rel-drivers, so needed separate email (was forewarned about, thankfully). Also solarce (IT) timezone was end of day as jlongster was starting, causing confusion on who could do this
      • took 2+ hours (from when I talked with jlongster to when pages were live)
      • blogposts are cached. even when mark@PR hits publish, and can direct link to published post, the post not visible on mozilla website for ~30mins bug 752950
    • coordination with "communications@m.c". grace not on list; found out by phoning her personally as cross-check on the email. should also email pmm@m.c



  • bug 739040
    • Discussion on security-group list about what to do about late landings on m-c prior to release (this shouldn't affect whether or not we take a sec fix)

Beta Growth


  • bug 746572 – Inline autocomplete release tracking
    • Wasn't made aware that this was backed out before FF13 was on beta
    • We're adding the 'disabled' status flag so that feature bugs are the single source of truth from now on


  • bug 734019 – The big picture hangs, and finally Browser crashes with null signature
    • UUID change caused binary incompatibilities and startup crashes
    • We plan to change the pasted bug template on approval and/or implement hooks (also for strings changes)