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Schedule / Location / Call Information

  • Tuesday August 20th, @ 9:00 am PT
  • Physical room(s):
    • MV - Get to da Choppa
  • Vidyo Room: Release Coordination
  • Back Channel - #planning

Other communication channels

  • #planning for back channel
  • This etherpad for real-time notes (we'll copy the wiki page in at the beginning of the meeting, and out at the end)

Previous Actions (from FF22)

  • akeybl to follow up with tracy about filing bc bugs
  • akeybl to look into major features in chemspill releases, and amount of change taken
  • cheng to follow up with tyler about font dropoff (possibility of hotfix)

Talking Points

  • Pushing the sign-off of release candidate to the Thursday channel meeting instead of Wednesday morning?+1
    • Due to attendance, timing
  • Getting better attendance at the sign off meeting - ideas?
    • Individual calendar invites, or email automation (tweak text) [AI]
  • Radeon Crash
    • QA testing with known-affected hardware
    • Early top crash analysis
    • bsmedberg's script? (stability work week)
    • no build 2 on dot release (e.g. 23.0.1) [DECISION]
    • question about value of build2 on .0 release - enough soak/crash data to make decision ? lsblakk to setup separate followup meeting.



  • gtb on July 30
  • mirrors on Aug 5th
  • Release on Aug 6th
  • All updated throttled to manual-only Thursday Aug 8th


  • gtb on Tuesday 13th PT EOD, builds started Wed 14th early am
  • QA gave gtb on build #2 Thursday 15th
  • Shipped build #1 (after QA testing did their best to confirm no Radeon issue) on Friday August 16th

Final Betas



  • add a tstore/yandex email process (added to action items)
    • [DECISION] One email for mobile firefox to X, Y, Z stores, individual QA sign-off emails
  • Need to figure out tstore password management (RelEng)
  • [bajaj] Updating the Whats New section on Google Play
    • Sam used to do this, and Aaron has helped a couple of times, but needs a formal owner ongoing to avoid the churn on Release day. This is Chad's area, although he will delegate to Jesse Montano now (our new product marketing contractor dedicated to mobile)
    • Spinger (sp? Wang?) to do WhatsNew on tstore. Chad Weiner for owner? Keep Chad in the loop but Spinger is still the lead (until Chad can figure out how best to support this initiative)
    • who does yandex store? Also Chad for now? - yes, Chad for now.


  • Developer Tanvi Vyas went above and beyond, working with QA (and many other parties) to make sure her feature (Mixed Content Blocking) was well-understood and well-tested.
    • We should use this as a model for how QA and Dev can help each other
    • User Advocacy adds their thanks
  • bug 901527 Audio static/"burble"/breakup in mozilla to mozilla webrtc calls
    • missed due to oversight by QA -- WebRTC is now part of our regression suite and we plan to start daily WebRTC testing
    • Release Management is also changing their bar of criticality for WebRTC at the end of releases
  • bug 901944 Rendering glitches on H.264 video only in FF23 on Vista
    • breakdown in communication between Dev & QA -- QA was unaware that this was being scoped for Vista -- bug 847267 was never added as a dependency to bug 799318
    • QA, Dev, and PM need to "talk" more and start helping each other out
  • bug 902532 Spellchecking broken with non-ASCII characters in profile path
    • something we should be able to catch with automation -- working with AutoDev to ensure coverage in the future
  • bug 902173 "[fr] Outils" wrongly translated to "Outils de développement" in menu since FF 23
    • not something QA could have caught -- need to engage more with localizers (l10n testday in RC, asking localizers for RC feedback before release)
    • should we 'watch' key strings (hg hook on localizer repos)?
    • localizers didn't totally realize it was wrong, so better engagement may not do the trick
  • bug 902349 crash in nsStyleSet::FileRules with AMD Radeon HD 6310
    • QA was unable to reproduce even though we had the exact hardware
    • It's been a few months of doing twin-builds, lets re-evaluate the cost:benefit
      • doing so has not prevented addressing in a point-release
      • we don't get enough data in time to make an informed decision
      • QA has lost faith in our ability to reliably reproduce these issues
      • spending resources *every* RC instead of on occasion
  • Lack of a central "truth" for features is negatively impacting QA's ability to "assure quality"
    • Spending hours (days?) of our time tracking down features and development status instead of testing code and investigating bugs
    • Looking at multiple sources (tracked bugs, release notes, pushlogs) but some things are still slipping through (WebRTC regression, Network Monitor wasn't even QA'd before release)
    • QA is taking steps on our own to mitigate:
      • more frequent engagement with Devs & PMs
      • usage of need-info flag on tracking bugs
      • carrying over testing of high-profile/risk features & landings for a couple of releases
    • We'd like Devs & PMs to meet us half way -- need a better system otherwise the quality will continue to slip
    • is woefully out of date

Mobile QA

was discussed in the mobile section


  • installer release timing
    • full "latest" installer should be released at same time as updater (implies manual work by RelEng/IT)
  • [akeybl] Could the cause of the FF24.0beta1? delay have ever impacted FF23.0.x Release? [l10n repacks]
    • answer is no


Marketing & Press



User Advocacy

  • User Advocacy was not notified about Bug 855370 (and apparently it caught other groups by surprise). Similarly to QA, we are having a hard time tracking down features instead of Analyzing Feedback.
    • Do the Release Notes help point the way at all?
  • Ditto: removing options for JS and Image loading.
  • Can we try to combine changes to UI Options like this to as few releases as possible. In this case, we made this change in 23 in order to pave the way for Australis, when it could have held off until Australis actually landed and rode along with it.



  • WebQA involvement in sign-off (download button)


  • joduinn to investigate desktop repack - channel changing
  • bsmedberg to run his script on build#1 crash data
    • if we can find it, then we'll continue making build #2 automatically
    • if we can't find it, then we'll stop making build #2 and make more dot releases :(
  • lsblakk to create meeting about RC instead of beta 10
  • lsblakk to speak to Laura about finding out about putting in a tab for users about a specific change - timing, finding out sooner - what causes/guidelines about when to do this
  • need to create a tstore/yandex email process
  • lsblakk speak to Chad about Sam replacement for mobile content (Play Store) -- get owner for each store. Jesse Montano is our new product marketing contractor dedicated to mobile. Keep Chad in the loop, but Jesse will be gathering and updating this content. (will Jesse be doing GooglePlay only, or is Jesse also doing Yandex + TStore?) I expect GPlay, too, once he is ramped up (TStore is probably going to be the last to be added to his list: his prio will be GPlay then Yandex then they can figure out with Spinger how to handle the TStore)
  • lsblakk - check with Axel if having a hook on l10n repos for key/visible string would help protect localization teams from errors like [fr] tools in the future
    • especially for string *changes*
  • lsblakk - add User Advocacy to the Release Note Feature review meeting