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Other communication channels

  • join #post-mortem for back channel (will be logged and attached here after)
  • Etherpad for meeting notes can be found here if people want to use it


We identified an issue (bug 680802) with Firefox 7.0 where some users may have had one or more of their add-ons hidden after upgrading to the latest Firefox version, affecting both desktop and mobile.

There was discussion about how widespread the bug was and if creating Firefox 7.0.1 was necessary. After it was found to be a major issue for Mozilla China (due to the way the package improvements as add-ons and the posting of updates to their add-on close to the release) we decided to turn off updates, create Firefox 7.0.1, and then offer it to users again.


Discussion points

  • How widespread was this?
    • If Firefox had found an add-on update, downloaded it, and it was ready to be applied. If Firefox found the update to Firefox 7, and installed it at the same time while the add-on update was staged, the add-on that was waiting was "hidden"
    • 28,000 users downloaded our hotfix add-on, not sure what that means
    • Add-on update ping dips/metadata ping dips didn't really dip that much...there was a slight downtick, but not enough to really be statistically significant
    • Was apparently widespread in China due to the way Mozilla China packages add-ons and releases updates to them right before/after a release
  • How was outward communication around the issue?
  • How was inward communication around the issue?
  • How was this not caught on Nightly? Aurora? Beta?
    • Mozillazine had someone days before mention something
      • mozillazine is likely going to be shutdown in the future, we should make sure those users don't disperse
    • Users did see it on Beta but got themselves out of it, as the fix was natural
      • This is a major concern for these types of issues (where beta users fix themselves without telling us)
    • Add-ons are generally not compatible before Beta
    • Difficulty getting testing for updates / one time issues
      • This is going to be an issue for 3rd party add-on prompt window in Fx8
  • How was this not caught by QA?
  • How was this not caught by Mozilla China?
  • What qualification do we do on Mozilla China builds?
  • Would we have respun if not for the Mozilla China situation?
  • Should we have only turned off updates for China?
  • Should we have kept on manual updates?

Things that went right

Things that went wrong

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