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Testing Partial, Complete, and Fallback Updates

To test partial, complete, and fallback updates:

  • Partial: This refers to testing an update from the immediate last release, in this case going from to
  • Complete: This is testing an update from an older version, say from to (because it downloads a 'complete' mar file).
  • Fallback: For this you first get whatever update the usual way, but you don't apply it. Then you test that it can get fetch another copy of the update if something were to go wrong. You do this by:
  1. Checking for updates. Choose to apply later. Close application.
  2. Then go the /Mozilla Thunderbird/updates/0/ folder, in WinXP for instance. Inside you will find a file called 'update.status'.
  3. If you are in Vista the update.status file will be in ...AppData/Local/Mozilla Firefox (or thunderbird)/updates/0/
  4. Open it with a text editor and replace the string from pending to 'failed'. Restar the app and make sure you get another copy of the update.