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Release notes tracking: bug 457186

  1. en-US/thunderbird/early_releases/index.php
    • Add new Thunderbird Beta 1 section.
  2. en-US/thunderbird/3.0b1/index.php
    • New page for this release, highlighting the new features and providing the appropriate download links.
    • Formulate main list of features from:
    • Download Links
      • Took a bit of time to see how Firefox does it [1]
      • Copied various files across from Firefox
      • Generation table for links isn't perfect (could it be auto-generated from build output?), but is better than hand-generating the table.
    • en-US/thunderbird/3.0b1/releasenotes/index.php
      • Search and replace old version with new version, be careful with the   version.

At this stage had a discussion with Gozer re including items from's repository. The includes/product-details/ is shared into's repository and is now shared into's repository. This means we can pick up locale code to locale name conversion and other utility functions with minimal effort and not have to manually keep in sync.

Next steps:

  • Created en-US/thunderbird/early-releases/downloads.php
    • This is a new page intended that we can just update the source data for each beta release.
    • Hence not worry about maintaining links for older releases - we'll just redirect the release notes to the site?
  • en-US/thunderbird/early_releases/index.php
    • This may turn into the release announcement, see what people think (did more updates on it anyway).
  • en-US/thunderbird/3.0b1/releasenotes/index.php
    • Updated the release notes with the text from en-US/thunderbird/3.0b1/index.php to fill in what's new.
    • Search all open bugs in Thunderbird and MailNews core for relnote.
    • Worked out the main relevant bugs to include.
  • Tidied up code
  • Created new includes/thunderbirdBetaDetails.class.php to replace includes/product-details/thunderbirdDetails.class.php as I don't currently know about changing the product-details repository.

Posted trunk revision ids 18691, 18762 to stage as revision id 18763.

Still to do:

  • Get feedback on pages
  • Release Dates
  • Release Announcement (or just use the 3.0b1 index page?)
  • Update file sizes of builds for l10n, and final list of builds.
  • Installation directory check
  • Tidy up old Shredder links.

Got some new images for download links, posted in revision id 18770 for trunk and 18771 for staging.

Tux/Linux image fixed in 18777 on trunk, and 18778 on stage.

Received start page initial version from Rafael, for bug 430762, trunk revision 18775, stage revision 18776

Shredder Alpha 3 Rename

It was then decided to release Thunderbird as alpha 3 instead of beta 1.

  • Backed out start page committed in revision 18775, backout commit 18818
  • Renamed en-US/thunderbird/3.0b1/ to en-US/thunderbird/3.0a3/
  • Updated links/text in the following files:
    • en-US/thunderbird/early_releases/index.php
    • en-US/thunderbird/early-releases/downloads.php
    • includes/thunderbirdBetaDetails.class.php
    • en-US/thunderbird/3.0a3/index.php
    • en-US/thunderbird/3.0a3/releasenotes/index.php
  • Committed these changes as commit id 18819

More updates

  • en-US/thunderbird/early_releases/index.php
    • Removed old download links, replaced with pointers to Release Notes.
  • en-US/thunderbird/3.0a1/releasenotes/index.php, en-US/thunderbird/3.0a2/releasenotes/index.php and en-US/thunderbird/3.0a3/releasenotes/index.php
    • Replaced old download link with a generic link to en-US/thunderbird/early_releases/downloads.php so that we don't have to maintain links to old versions.
  • includes/thunderbirdBetaDetails.class.php
    • Updated with latest locales (2 additions, be, fy-NL).
  • en-US/thunderbird/3.0a3/index.php
    • Improved wording for release notes in download section.
  • en-US/thunderbird/3.0a3/releasenotes/index.php
    • Refined wording on the IMAP section.
    • Reformatted the What's new list to make it look better.
    • Reworded the installation section now we've got full branding.

This section committed as revision 18820.

Merged revisions 18818, 18819, 18820 to stage tag and committed as 18821

Shredder Installation Info

  • Windows installs to c:\Program Files\Shredder\
  • Mac installs/copies as
  • Linux extracts into thunderbird/ directory.

Still to do

  • Get more feedback on pages
  • Release Dates
  • Release Announcement (or just use the 3.0b1 index page?)
  • Update file sizes of builds for l10n, and final list of builds.

Yet more updates

  • Minor updates, improving text (see comments 10-11 on the bug), and pointing to known issues a bit more directly.
    • trunk revision 18835, staging 18836
  • New Alpha 3 start page (copied from Nightly and Shredder -> Shredder Alpha 3.
    • trunk revision 18883, staging 18884
    • Also added rel note link: trunk revision 18885, staging 18886
  • Updated some links, added bug count (based on 'Thunderbird3.0a3' milestone & rumbling edge).
  • Updated the known issues list.
    • trunk revision 18889, staging 18890
  • Disabled the transitional download page that productDetails (shared with enforces - so all the links go direct to bouncer.
    • trunk version 18903, staging 18904
  • Provide details for rumbling edge, also correct Vista profile location, and provide file sizes.
    • trunk version 18964, staging 18965
  • Pushed expected dates
    • trunk version 19018, staging 19019
  • One more item for known issues
    • trunk versions 19025, 19026, staging 19027
  • Fixed typo
    • trunk version 19055 staging 19056
  • Release Announcement
    • trunk version 19063, staging 19064