Releases/Thunderbird 31.1.0/BuildNotes

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build 1

  • cancel requested by Standard8 shortly after start
    • killed running jobs

build 2

  • win32 build failed hg clone esr31 from server; retriggered
  • linux repack 3/10 failed, retriggered
    • signing server timeout, connection from b-linux64-hp-0033 (scl3)
  • various win32 repacks failed for a variety of reasons (6 total failures)
    • bug 1057549 local disk purge hit 40m timeout
    • bug 1060255 bad machine software load
      • hit 2x on same machine (b-2008-ix-0137), so was disabled
    • 40m timeout during clone of ESR31 on b-2008-ix-0109, b-2008-ix-0103, b-2008-ix-0071 (no reason spotted on hg.m.o, so suspect "slow local disk", but no proof)