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Program goals (OKR) for Q4 / 2017

Objective 1. Council keeps supporting non-coding communities and contributors projects

  • Reps who attended the special calls rate them 4 out of 5 in terms of improving their understanding about the functional area goals
  • Lucy Harris and Ruben Martin value Council involvement in the non-coding communities project as 4 out of 5

Objective 2. The Reps program is further walking towards an excellent mobilizing program

  • By having the first cohort of Coaches fully trained, coachees rate the usefulness 4 out of 5
  • Reps interacting with newly trained Resources Reps in Q4 rate their satisfaction a 3 out of 5
  • Twitter experiment is graduated leading to a higher involvement of Reps in program communication by increasing the number of authors to 10
  • All items on the mobilizer roadmap are successfully executed

Program goals (OKR) for Q3 / 2017

Objective 1: The Reps program continues to grow its process maturity

  • 20 Reps have been trained with the Resource training
  • 100% of the budget requests of new Reps are filed by Resource Track Reps
  • 30 Reps complete the coaching training
  • The amount of mentor-less Reps is reduced by 50%
  • Increase number of authors for Reps tweets to 10 people

Objective 2: The Reps program is the backbone for any mobilizing needs

  • We documented what mobilizing Reps are focusing on
  • An implementation roadmap for mobilizers’ recommendations is in place.
  • Identified 1 key measures that is defining how our Mobilizers add value to the coding and Non-Coding/Enthusiast communities

Objective 3: The Activate Portal is improved for Mobilizer Reps and Functional Areas

  • The Rust activity is updated
  • The WebExtensions activity update has been tested in 3 pilot events in 3 different countries
  • 60 unique Reps have run a MozActivate event
  • The website is updated to the new branding

Program goals (OKR) for Q2 / 2017

Objective: RepsNext is successfully completed paving the way for our next improvement program

  • The Coaching plan is implemented and we are able to scale
  • Budget requests submitted after June, 1st go through the trained Resource Reps
  • Reps can get initial resources to improve their Leadership skills
  • Core community sentiment NPS >11.5
  • Mobilizer sentiment NPS >15
  • We have a GitHub issue to plan for the future of Reps with an exclusive focus on functional contributions
  • The Facebook experiment is analyzed and being continued if successful
  • 2 communication improvements are identified
  • It takes a maximum of 2 weeks for new applicants to have their first task assigned

Objective: MozActivate focuses mobilizers on impactful areas

  • General feedback form is used by 100% of MozActivate activities
  • We have implemented metrics and measurements for the existing MozActivate and to-be-launched activities as well as for the website itself
  • 70 Reps have organized one or more MozActivate activity
  • Activate is actively engaging 70 new technical contributors
  • 2 new activities are launched

Objective: The Reps program demonstrates operational excellence in the Mozilla Project

  • Goals for Q3 have been set
  • We were involved and gave feedback about the Community Development Team OKRs for Q3 as well as the broader Open Innovation ones
  • The budget allocation for Q3 is finalized and communicated to all Reps
  • We have on average maximum one open action item from last week before every Council Meeting that is not tracked on GitHub and next steps/blockers are identified
  • We have planned 2 brainstorm sessions for the next improvement program
  • We have given feedback for Open Innovation’s “Strategy” project and are a valuable source for future consultation for strategy related questions

Program goals (OKR) for Q1 / 2017

Objective: We start to have a unified approach across Mozilla of recruiting, aligning and investing in mobilizers

  • Shared onboarding framework and tools are identified for Reps, Regional Coaches, Club Leads and Resource Leads [shared with MoFo]
  • 50% of Reps activities are in support of activities prioritized on Activate mobilizer portal
  • Core community sentiment > 11.5 NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Mobilizer sentiment > 20 NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Objective: We have a strong base in our transformation towards a mobilizer program

  • Communication channels have a clear purpose and we have a list of defined content to share on these channels
  • 100% Reps watching both Reps and NDA discourse by the end of February.
  • We have a clear plan on Coaching in the Reps program in 2017 and the Leadership track is open for applications to run a draft training
  • Reps Resources Training is finished and the Resources track is open for applications
  • At least 50 Reps have given feedback on the draft Community Participation Guidelines

Discussion on Discourse including an evalution:


Program goals (OKR) for Q4 / 2016

Objective: A focus set of relevant training and learning opportunities for Reps are systematized and they regularly access these opportunities to be more effective in their contributions and as a result providing more impact to Mozilla’s main initiatives

  • Core mobilizers who took the leadership training report being more effective to support Mozilla by actively using their new skills.
  • Mobilizers from at least 90% of our (10) regions are interested in the training
  • 80% of the people who took coaching training report having used these new skills in their volunteer work and report being more effective
  • Gatherings toolkit quality is enough for volunteers to drive impactful gatherings on their own.

Objective: Reps is the program for most core volunteers where many communities feel their voice represented and influencing the organization, and where mozillians join to be more aligned, grow their skills and be more impactful in mobilizing others

  • Communities are making Activate Mozilla successful by running 100 activities.
  • 30% more effectiveness (time and positive sentiment) on budget process
  • Initial material for Reps Resources track foundation is created.
  • Plan for integrating all efforts (Leadership, Coaching, Regional, Resources) into Reps structure delivered.
  • There is an implementation plan in place to decrease the time between an application and the onboarding by at least 50% compared to H1 2016.
  • We have at least 3 different solid ideas around Recognition in place and started at least one experiment.

Discourse discussion:

Program goals (OKR) for Q3 / 2016

Objective: Reps are fired up about the Activate campaign and lead their local community to success through supporting that campaign with the help of the Review Team

  • 80+ core mozillians coached by new mentors contribute to at least one focus activity.
  • 75+ Reps get involved in the Activity Campaign, participating in at least one activity and/or mobilizing others.
  • The Review Team is working effectively by decreasing the budget review time by 30%

Objective: New Reps coaches and regional coaches bring leadership within the Reps program to a new level and increase the trust of local communities towards the Reps program

  • 40 mentors and new mentors took coaching training and start at least 2 coaching relationships.
  • 40% of the communities we act on report better shape/effectiveness thanks to the regional coaches
  • At least 25% of the communities Regional Coaches work with report feeling represented by the Reps program

Discourse discussion:

Program goals (OKR) for Q2 / 2016

Objective: Changes in RepsNext have broad agreement and are broadly communicated and implemented

  • Alignment Proposal is implemented and we have been part of 2 end of heartbeat calls
  • Budget Review Team is operational and has approved a minimum budget of 1.000 USD and a maximum of 3.000 USD _(Important: We are learning. These numbers are based on gut feeling. This is NOT a maximum cap, we're always open for bigger sums servicing exceptional events.)_
  • 70% of Reps Mentors and full Council approve of the RepsNext strategic direction regarding tracks, the Alignment and Resources proposals
  • We have trained 5 new mentors applying the new mentorship approach (i.e. no budget reviews)

Objective: Regional mobilizer group is supporting communities all around the world

  • Initial mobilizer’s activities are scheduled for Q3
  • 4 regional mobilizers have well defined next steps and commit to work on them in Q3
  • We design and communicate one experiment to measure mobilizers’ impact on local communities

Discussion on Discourse: