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The Mozilla Festival (#MozFest) is an annual gathering of unconventional thinkers and inventors from around the world who meet to learn from each other and help forge the future of the web. It takes place from Oct. 25 - 27, 2013 in London, UK.

Mozilla Reps are passionate people around the world who are spreading the word of Mozilla and generally the word the Open Web. As you already know Mozilla Reps is one of the driving forces of Mozilla. And Reps, especially those deeply invovled in Mozilla's Webmaker initiative, are going to be a driving force in this year's Mozilla Festival as well.

Anyone is eligible to participate in the Mozilla Festival. You can register right now here: However, we know that it's expensive to travel to London on your own.

That's why the Reps program is offering travel stipends for Reps who have skills and experience beneficial to the Webmaker project.

What actually happening in Mozfest - Reps during Mozfest

So finally around 32 Reps are attending Mozfest engaging people in Mozilla's vision and mission about the Open Web.


The Festival is starting with a Science fair where Reps are going to run 2 booths.

  • Firefox OS booth: Presenting Firefox OS, new Alcatel and ZTE devices as well some cool devices that run Firefox OS.
  • Firefox Student Ambassadors: Our experienced Reps are going to lead the Firefox Student Ambassadors in Science fair where they are going to engage more people with this project.

In general during the science fair, Mozilla Reps are going to flow around the Festival, interacting with people, represting Mozilla and engage people in Mozilla's projects, ideas and vision.

Saturday and Sunday

Reps' headquarters are going to be in the 6th floor, running a booth presenting the Reps project and the impact that this has in Mozilla, maker and webmaker community. In addition Reps are going to run 2 booth during the whole weekend: Firefox OS booth: The same awesome booth is going to take place in the 1st floor along with the Mobile trac. WebDev + Reps booth: Reps are going to run a booth in the 1st floor about WebDevelopement

A lot of Reps are engaged in the Guirilla Mentoring too as well in facilitating sessions and tracks. Generally Reps are deeply involved in the organization of the Festival, in running sessions, running booths and of course representing Mozilla while they engaging more people in Mozilla's mission, vision and projects.

If you are a Rep you can find more information in the following pad

What's the role and expectation of Reps at Mozfest?

  • represent Mozilla
  • empower people in order to participate in Mozfest and generally in to teach the web
  • based on their expertise, to lead some sessions in Mozfest
  • empower more people in order to be contributors in Mozilla's projects
  • have an awesome experience which will provide them a lot of useful information for their community and their future events.

What's the timeframe?

Reps should plan on arriving in London by Thursday, October 24 and departing on Monday, October 28.

What is MozFest?

It's our annual 3-day festival where many of our best ideas about creativity, learning and the web spring to life. It celebrates our mission and brings new people into our community.

MozFest is open to everyone. ~300 Mozillians attend MozFest each year out of 1500 total participants.

How does MozFest tie into Mozilla's products and mission?

The MozFest program is designed around themes that intersect with the web but are not exclusively linked with our community or our products. This means MozFest is a great opportunity to open our mission to new groups, to offer support for their ideas and to learn from and be inspired by them. Plus, a lot of very cool independent coders, bloggers and journalists tend to be there.

What's the difference between MozFest and the Mozilla Summit?

The Mozilla Summit is an invite-only event focused creating alignment between the core members of the Mozilla community (including you!) Mozfest is a public event open to anyone interested in helping to make the web better and more creative -- it's about bringing new talent and ideas into Mozilla. This year, MozFest is designed to build on the work of the the Summit for those people who are attending both events: MozFest will allow us to test our thinking and recruit new contributors around ideas coming out of the Summit.

What's it like?

MozFest is unlike any other tech conference you've been to because it's all about hands-on participation and collaboration. There will be some fabulous keynote speakers, but the majority of the event takes place through interactive workshops. Think: less yack, more hack.

Who pays for travel?

The Reps program is offering travel stipends for selected Mozilla Reps. Please apply! [LINK] Also, anyone who runs a MozFest session is also eligible for a travel stipends. Propose a session here.

What if I don't get sponsored in Festival?

Not getting sponsored doesn't mean that you cannot attend Mozilla Festival. Mozilla Festival is going to have a lot and interesting sessions about creativity, learning and the web spring to life where you can propose and run a session on your own. Simply follow the link: If you finally attend the Festival, your experience as a Rep is something we need and you are more than welcomed to join the awesome team of Mozfest Reps.

When and where?

MozFest 2013 will be held from October 25-27 in London, England. The festival will be hosted at Ravensbourne, a wired media and design campus located in East London next to the O2 concert arena (the same location as last year and we're delighted to be heading back). We realize this is in close proximity to the Summit and that will mean many Mozillians may not be able to attend MozFest. See transportation information and recommended hotels: