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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

"Rep of the Month" is a recognition for active and inspiring Reps for their work in the past months. Every Rep can be nominated for "Rep of the Month" and the Reps Mentors will vote each month. The recognition includes a mention on the Reps portal, in the Reps blog and several other channels as well as a Mozilla hoodie.

Current Workflow

RoM Team and Responsibilities

The RoM Team is responsible for the whole process. The Team currently consists of the following members:

Anybody who would like to help us with these tasks can step up and contact us!

Nominations and Timeline

Every Rep can be nominated by any Reps Mentor to receive this recognition. Therefore it's possible to nominate other Reps, not just the mentor's mentees. This nomination is meant as a recognition for outstanding contributions to Mozilla through the Reps program. Mentors are encouraged to nominate any Reps that have stood out in the past month.

  • Nomination Period: The nomination period starts at the 1st of each month and closes on the 10th. Every Mentor will see a "Nominate" button on any Reps' profile during this period.
  • Voting: A voting is automatically opened for all Reps Mentors to vote on all nominated Reps on the 11th until the 25th of each month.
  • Result: On the 25th the results are published on the voting platform and the communication phase is started.


All Reps Mentors are eligible to vote for the "Rep of the Month". This is done through the Reps Portal Voting System's range voting. You can find more about Range Voting on Wikipedia. The highest voted Rep will receive the recognition. If the first two voted Reps are closely to each other, there is the possibility to award the "Rep of the Month" recognition to two Reps. This would be decided on the Reps Mentor's mailing list.


Once the result is in, the following process is walked through:

  • RoM Team creates a GitHub issue in the Reps repository to track all the work
  • RoM Team asks the mentor of the voted person to write a text about that person
  • RoM Team reviews the text and finalizes it for publication
  • RoM Team publishes the text with a picture of the Rep

We want to get as much attention for the "Rep of the Month" as possible, therefore we publish to the following channels:

  • Reps Portal front page
  • Reps Blog post (Approval needed from Konstantina or Nuke)
  • Discourse Topic for Congratulations
  • Cross-post with the link to the Discourse topic to the reps-general mailing list
  • Reps Telegram channel
  • Twitter link to the Reps blog post (automated)
  • Mention in the Weekly Reps Call


Current Experiments

Actively reminding Mentors to vote

Through the voting system we can see who voted (but not their choices). With this data we can actively remind Mentors to vote and ping them individually on the Reps Mentor telegram channel. We think this will increase the participation in the voting.

Experiment Proposals

Currently none.