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Conference details

Øredev2013, a well established conference in Malmö, Sweden originally aimed at Java/.NET developers but lately branching out to more. This year the topic was "Code and the arts" and thus it was less enterprise and more creative presentations.

Your goals

I was asked to talk to developers there about HTML5 and I wanted to show that Firefox OS has come a long way and Firefox has amazing development tools built-in rather than just Firebug.

Audience type and size

About 500 developers and managers, a lot of them from large companies and also the Android games industry.

Mozilla's participation at this event

I gave two talks, one on the state of HTML5 and another one introducing Firefox OS

Audience reactions

Very positive feedback, people were really excited about both talks and the rooms were utterly packed - standing room only.

Audience reactions "Very near future" talk: Green 70 Yellow 6 Red 0

Audience reaction "Firefox OS" talk: Green 29 Yellow 3 Red 0

How to read these numbers? Green means your session exceeded the attendees' expectations. Yellow means your session met the attendees' expectations. Red means your session was below the attendees' expectations..

Evening event/party

Live demo coding on a Commodore 64 - after all, it was Sweden. I was excited to see all my memories :)

Materials (eg. slides, presentations, audio clips, photos etc…)

Other notable presentations

They managed to get Randall Munroe of XKCD to speak, which was very engaging: Siren Hofvander had a good security talk and I want to work more with her on how to give sec talks that are not condescending (as she is a big fighter for that cause)

Other open projects attending (if applicable)

I attended the Canonical talk on Ubuntu and was quite disappointed. The presenter read his slides and kept hinting that HTML5 is a first class citizen but is only supported via phonegap. Also, the marketplace does not allow for any commercial apps and has no monetisation option.

Organization rating (1: bad - 10: excellent)


Overall feel of the event

I came to the event with a sense of dread that it might be very enterprise-y, but it wasn't at all. The technology stood very much out - their stage techies know their stuff in and out. I felt well looked after as a speaker and all the people attending were very excited about it. Again, I found it too big for my taste.

This event helped us…

Spreading awareness about Firefox tools and Firefox OS. I also gave a few interviews with the press and got some nice leads.

Was it worth it? Should we participate again?



Talking to Tumblr next week about a Firefox OS app :)