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Conference details

JSConf EU, the labour-of-love conference for the JS community in Europe.

Your goals

Blow up minds with JavaScript. Alternatively make something cool with WebGL+WebAudio+WebSockets and stuff.

Audience type and size

Mostly JS developers, with many "devigners" and some designers/interaction designers. A nice mix open to technical experimentation.

My talk might have had 100 people at 10am after a free bar party the night before so I'd say it's pretty impressive.

Mozilla's participation at this event

Talk on JS + audio + hardware input.

Audience reactions

Many people got interested by audio in the browser thanks to the talk. Other people who had been working with audio already suggested we should work together to advance the state of audio apps.

Evening event/party

There was a live act by a band that seemingly wasn't playing anything live but they looked and sounded amazing. It had the right amount of geeky-ness + musical style to entertain everyone.

Materials (eg. slides, presentations, audio clips, photos etc…)

Other notable presentations

Many! Just off the top of my head there was a talk on promises and generators, another on maintaining open source libraries (although the original topic was something along the lines of "maintaining the mongodb driver", or the one that argued for the need of a free web and more federation. There was also a lot of interesting conversations going on the corridor/lunch areas.

Other open projects attending (if applicable)

There were many interesting people there but I can't quite pinpoint anyone. Many JS heavyweights :-)

Organization rating (1: bad - 10: excellent)

10. Not only was everything really well organised but they also paid special attention into making sure the *atmosphere* was welcoming to everyone.

Overall feel of the event

It surprised me that there was so much variety in talks and speakers. I think it quite fit Mozilla's ethos.

This event helped us…

Show we're at the forefront of JS tech and working to keep the web interoperable.

Was it worth it? Should we participate again?



I connected with some people via twitter etc.