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Conference details

The Hungarian Web Conference is in its 10th year (originally a PHP roadshow) and is a one day conference with four tracks. Most of the talks are in Hungarian, which is why it didn't show up on many people's radars.

Your goals

The Hungarian community ran a booth there showing people FirefoxOS to advertise the coming Firefox OS launch and to get people to attend the upcoming FxOS workshop.

Audience type and size

Audience was about 200 people of all kinds - students, developers, a few designers and managers. More than 650 attendees at the WebConf.

Mozilla's participation at this event

I gave the opening presentation of the web development track, Kami gave a talk about everything Mozilla does and we had a booth showing off Firefox OS.

Audience reactions

The rooms were packed both times and we got a lot of questions. Kami more than me as there was a slight language barrier. The interest was huge, everybody asked about the phones and the upcoming dates. About 20 developer decided to build webapp, most of them will apply for the WebApp Workshop.

Materials (eg. slides, presentations, audio clips, photos etc…)

Organization rating (1: bad - 10: excellent)


Overall feel of the event

The conference is very low key and felt more like an unconference than a bit spectacle. It was very affordable and thus well attended.

This event helped us…

The Hungarian community collected a lot of quizzes and people's contact details, the booth was always very well visited.

Was it worth it? Should we participate again?