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Maker Party Stipends 2016

Maker Party stipends are available to people hosting an event with one or more of these four Maker Party activities in the the 28 European Union states between October 1st and November 30th. The goal is to make it simple and accessible for anyone to run a Maker Party.

The maximum amount that can be reimbursed for each Maker Party event is $200 dollars which we believe is sufficient for a 50 person event. The amount to be given per event is at the discretion of the review board. Items that can be reimbursed are listed below.

How to Request a Stipend

To request a stipend use this website to find a Mozilla Rep near you and reach out to them to request that they open a budget request (bug) on your behalf. (If you are a Rep yourself you can do this yourself.)

They will require a link to your event on the Maker Party events platform and an estimate of the budget you'll require. Once you are approved, you simply submit your receipts after your event, and you will receive reimbursement.

Reimbursed Items

You can request reimbursement for the following things:

  • Internet (for areas of low-connectivity only)
  • Venue + Equipment Rental (i.e. projector)
  • Refreshments (non-alcoholic)
  • Promotional materials

Maker Party Events Outside of the EU

This year Maker Party has a specific focus in the European Union (EU), because of our copyright reform campaign. Therefore, by default, we will not be funding Maker Party events outside the EU that run the prescribed activities because they don't make sense outside the context of the campaign. However, if you are outside the EU and have an exceptional idea on how to build on or amplify those activities, and it requires budget, you can open a budget request and the Review Team will evaluate.