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More than 900 Mozilla volunteers will be attending Mozilla's Summit 2013, which will take place on October 4 - 6, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium / Santa Clara, USA / Toronto, Canada.

Many Mozillians will need to apply for a visa in order to travel to the Summit. Applying for a visa involves some expenses like processing fees, travel to/from the nearest consulate/embassy and courier services (if passeport needs to be mailed to the consulate/embassy).

In order for Mozillians to get reimbursed these fees, a reimbursement request can be made through the Mozilla Reps budget request process.

List of visa expenses that are reimbursed

  • visa processing fees
  • public transport to/from consulate or embassy
  • courier service (fedex or ups) to mail passeport

NB: reimbursed cannot be processed if receipts are NOT provided

Reps requesting re-imbursement or cash advance funding for Summit visa expenses

For Mozilla Reps who require reimbursement or a cash advance for their Summit visa expenses, follow the standard process.

Non-Reps requesting re-imbursement for Summit visa expenses

Mozillians who are not Mozilla Reps should contact a local Rep and the Rep will help them get reimbursed. The process is as follows:

Step 1: contact a Rep in your country*
Step 2: once the Rep has accepted to process your reimbursement, send him/her all your scanned receipts and bank details/paypal account
Step 3: inform the Rep once you have successfully received the funds.

Reps requesting re-imbursement for Summit visa expenses on behalf of non-Reps

Mozilla Reps who are have accepted to help non-Reps get reimbursed for their Summit visa fees should follow this simple process:

Step 1: file one budget request bug for *all* non-reps you're processing reimbursements for
Step 2: attach all relevant receipts to the bug
Step 3: provide a detailed breakdown of all expenses and the total amount to be processed
Step 4: once you have received the funds from Mozilla, ensure that each non-Rep you are helping get reimbursed.