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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.
Warning signWarning: This is outdated. This process is not followed anymore.

The Reps Council has been asked by IT to review their Community IT requests to make sure the requests are coming from legitimate community members for legitimate projects.

How to Review Community IT Requests

Does bug have all info IT needs?


  • Where the users will mainly come from (Europe, America, etc)
  • What will run on it (wiki, bugzilla, podcast system, blogs, etc...)
  • An estimation of the number of visitors (or bandwidth used)
  • Do you have a sysadmin to manage the server?
    • if so, which distribution do you want? (for VPS and dedicated servers only)

Does it meet council requirements to be auto approved?

  • Requested by a trusted person
    • Rep or Employee
  • Established project
    • At least one person has already been running this program on their own for a while
    • or...
    • It's a new project for an established community, ie a group of proven individuals have committed to the success of the project

Does it need council review?

  • If the project only meets one of the above criteria it goes to council for a vote

What do we mark bugs that have been approved?

   assign them to arzhel, waiting to hear if we also change component