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Community Assets

Mozilla Reps are constantly organising various events around the world. Sometime to facilitate their work, we need tools for the event or demo. The idea of this wiki page is to have a public page where anyone can see what are the tools available now in the community. Here are a few assets that we have been able to capture:

Device Quantity Location Contact person
Google Chromecast 1 Collab House Hyderabad (Santosh)
Google Daydream (VR) 1 Jaipur, India (Ram Dayal Vaishnav)
Procus one VR headset 6 Pune, India (Aniket Deshpande)
Wibox MTN 1 Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Abbackar Diomande)
DOMO nHance VR2 20 Center for Open Source, IIIT Hyderabad (Ranjith Raj)

How to request the device

To request the device, you can contact the associated Rep directly. In case you need budget for shipping, you can request through the normal (Reps budget procedure).