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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

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1) The Mozilla Rep wants to request a budget for an event or for a reimbursement. Only Mozilla Reps Resource Team members can request a budget using this form. If you are not a Resource Team member, reach out to a Resource Rep and they can help you file a request.

2) Bugzilla wrangler will assign the bug to the Reps's mentor (remo-review) if the request was created by a non Resource Team member who still has access to the form. If a Resource Team member has filed the request, the bug directly gets assigned to the Review Team.

3) (only in case of 2) If the budget request is approved by the mentor, Bugzilla wrangler will proceed with the remo-approval process by assigning it to the Review Team.

4) If the budget request is approved by the Review Team, Bugzilla wrangler is responsible for making the wire transfer order internally with Mozilla Accounting team and ensures that the funds are wired. For smaller budget request, the money is sent via Paypal.

5) If the budget request is rejected by the Review Team, one of the Review Team member will update the bug with the decision.

6) The Mozilla Rep receives the funds and should update the bug with the receipts, blog post & photos, so that the request can be closed.

7) The Mozilla Rep must document what and how much budget they need, and explain why they need it.

8) As an additional resource, it would be recommended for Reps to read Mozilla Reps Budget Request SOP.